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Why I Chose RIT

Melody Kelly on Thursday, 06 December 2012.

When I first began my college search, I was unsure of exactly what I should be looking for. Location? Public or private? Small or large student population? There were so many options. I knew I wanted to go to a school with strong programs in computing, but I didn’t figure out my other preferences until I started to see how they came together to create a unique environment at each college. Listed below are a few factors that have earned plus points for RIT in my books and that have continued to reinforce my satisfaction in deciding to attend school here.

1. Size
The undergraduate student population at RIT is just under 15,000. This is a medium-sized population for a college but it’s still large in comparison to the town I come from, where the entire town’s population is just above 7,000. Within the population at RIT, there are students with a variety of interests, backgrounds, and opinions. The population is large enough that there is always someone new to meet, yet small enough that it’s hard to walk down the Quarter Mile without seeing a familiar face.

2. Location
I wanted to go to a school that was out of state (I’m from PA) but that was close enough for me to drive in a day. I also wanted to keep my car on campus. It’s a great help that students living on campus (even freshmen!) can bring their cars at no additional charge. Although I didn’t use my car that often freshman year, I liked being able to drive myself to and from campus.

I also like that RIT is located in Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester. It is close enough to the city to attend events like concerts and festivals, yet the enclosed campus has everything a student needs, from eateries to a hair salon to convenience shops. It isn’t a necessity to go into the city.

3. Computing
I liked that there were a variety of computing majors offered. As a high school senior, I wasn’t sure of the direction that I wanted to head in the computing field. With majors from Software Engineering to Game Design and Development to Information Security and Forensics (complete list of GCCIS majors), I was happy that I had many options available to me. There’s even a Computing and Informatics Exploration program, where students can learn about each of the computing/informatics programs before declaring a major and still graduate on time!

4. Career Focus
Co-op is a fantastic opportunity and a huge factor in my college decision. Many majors require co-op in order to graduate. After completing co-op, students have work experience in their field of study. Often if a student does well on co-op, it can even lead to a full-time offer after graduation.

A Career Fair is held twice a year, where students can speak to companies about co-op positions. I attended the Fall Career Fair to familiarize myself with the setup and get used to speaking with potential employers. Before the Spring Career Fair, I’ll be working on my resume and portfolio to present for potential co-op opportunities.

Altogether, I am completely happy with my decision to attend RIT. I enjoy being on campus, and I am grateful for the opportunities available to me as an RIT student.