Why You Should Go Greek

Ricky B. on Tuesday, 15 October 2013. Posted in Community Service, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Life After RIT, Student Life

In the first week of my freshmen year I was determined to make my mark on campus and to get involved. Orientation was nice but I knew that the real opportunities to grow and challenge myself would come when I went out on my own and explored the different clubs and organizations at RIT. In starting my time in college I knew that I would determine my "success" over the next four years not solely based on academics but also by the depth and scope of my personal and professional development during my time there. My father and his father are both fraternity men so prior to my arrival at RIT I was acutely aware of the opportunities and risks of Greek Life. In a system that spans the nation with thousands of members there are some delinquents and as with any community there are problems that need to be addressed and resolved to improve life for it's members. However, I also knew how much a Greek organization could help me grow as an individual during college and then long after I graduate. I knew that going Greek would open many doors for me and put me in a position where I could push myself during a very critical time of my development as a young adult. One of the questions that is sometimes asked to me by unaffiliated students is a very fair and basic inquiry: "What do Greeks do?" The short answer: a whole lot of things. Greeks are first and foremost students just like everyone else. We are here to get a degree and do well academically. Aside from our scholarly pursuits we volunteer, hold events, and raise money for our philanthropies, and due to the close nature of our brotherhoods and sisterhoods, we have fun doing it all. Membership in a Greek organization means that you are given opportunities to grow as an individual and be surrounded by people who want to push to see the best in you come out: not just for four years but for life. Being a brother or sister lasts well beyond your time in college and allows for you to help provide the same environment to help those that follow in your footsteps. I previously wrote a post that offers testimonials from Greeks about the benefits and rewards of going Greek and I highly recommend that giving it a read. Joining a Greek organization was the best decision I've made at RIT and I highly recommend looking into Greek Life if you haven't done so already. Learn more about the 30 Greek organizations at RIT by visiting the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life's website. Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook to get direct updates.