Will My Roommate Like Me?

Christina Brooks on Thursday, 03 April 2014. Posted in Student Life

Will my roommate like me? This is a big question everyone wonders coming into college. So will they? Maybe! (I'm just a random RIT student, so I can't really give you a definite answer :P )

RIT has a great questionnaire you can fill out that will take different rooming preferences (music, bedtimes, room temperature) and match you with someone who answers similarly. So while this will match you with someone "random," it's basically guaranteed that you'll have some preferences in common. I had a lot of friends who ended up becoming best friends with roommates they were randomly assigned to, and are still rooming with them today in other RIT housing! So don't worry, this really isn't as scary as it sounds. Some students do prefer to find and choose their own roommate beforehand, and that's cool too! These students will generally find their roommates through the Facebook group admissions sets up, which helps connect all students from that incoming class in one place. For you incoming students of 2014, check out your accepted student Facebook group HERE!

So WHAT IF you and your roommate don't get along and/or don't like each other? That's okay! It happens sometimes. You just need to be able to live together harmoniously. Compromise and communicate with each other on ways you both can get a long in a civil and understanding way. Remember that you don't necessarily need to be best friends with your roommate. You most likely won't be, and that's okay! If you need someone to help facilitate the room rule-setting, talk to your RA - that's why they are there. Your RA is a great resource to help with everything and anything roommate related, so utiliize them as a resource!

Last thoughts. Dorm life can be really great, because you have so many friends living right next to you! Be sure to take advantage of it, because there is almost always something to do or someone to talk to! :)

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