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Winding Down

Megan Chapman on Monday, 16 May 2011. Posted in Co-op, Coursework

Well it’s that time again, end of the quarter and time for finals.  Every table at the library is full of studious students scribbling away and Java’s line is out the door with students getting their caffeine fix after pulling an all nighter studying.

 This quarter I have four finals, each on different days.  On top of studying and stressing, I have to pack up my apartment and be out by Saturday at noon.  My main motivation for getting through this quarter is knowing that I get to be at home relaxing and working on co-op for the next six months.  Whoever said work and real life is harder than school apparently did not go to a very rigorous college.  I know that my education will benefit me in the long run, but working and not having constant tests, homework and grades seems like it will be a weight lifted.

 My studying began today, Monday, for my first final that is tonight.  Before that, I carefully calculated what grades I needed to get on each final to achieve my desired grade in the class.  This is a measure of how much effort will go into studying for each class.  Even though four finals in a week doesn’t SEEM like a lot, study time is precious as engineering finals are anything but easy.

 This ends my finals rant and probably my last blog for awhile since I won’t be at RIT.  Keep checking in on 5 RIT students and I’ll try to blog about my co-op experience.  And as always keep the questions coming on facebook, twitter, and blogs.