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Windows Gaming in OS X

Joe Conley on Monday, 21 August 2006.

After the new Macintosh computers with Intel processors became available, it became possible to run Windows on your Intel Mac. The two major strategies the emerged were rebooting into windows via the Apple-supported Bootcamp, or running Windows through virtualization inside of Mac OS X itself with programs like Parallels Workstation for Mac or the newly announced VMWare for Mac.

The main difference between the two methods is that with the virtualization you do not need to reboot into Windows and you can run it alongside Mac OS X applications. But the one drawback is that virtualization doesn't support 3D graphics.

Well, according to the Parallels Blog, that's going to change:

"The next version, due to hit beta by year's end, will include:

A groundbreaking new user interface that will make running Windows on a Mac easier and more productive than ever before.

Never before seen security and management tools

Capability to burn CDs and DVDs inside virtual machines

Fast 3D graphics support via support for OpenGL and DirectX. You'll be able to run games at full speed without leaving your OS X desktop!

An ACPI BIOS that provides the ability to run Microsoft Windows Vista"

Sounds like a pretty ambitious goal to me, I'll be excited to see if they can pull it off.