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Winter Quarter Design Projects

Emily Okey on Sunday, 20 February 2011. Posted in The Arts

I can’t believe I’m writing this post already, I feel like I just did one for the end of last quarter! Winter quarter is the odd man out. 3 weeks of classes before break, then winter break then 7 (well 8 with finals) weeks after. It’s weird because it goes by so quickly but I was in Italy the first week of this quarter and that seems like AGES ago.
I’m finished with all of my classes for the quarter which means now I just have a week of finals (one a day, monday through thursday) before I’m officially done! I can’t wait. Right now I’m working on a 40+ page paper for my design thinking class (don’t let the number of pages scare you, the class is actually quite good just a lot of process work & documentation). If there is one thing I've learned this quarter it's document EVERYTHING.



Also on tap for next week is a final website that I’m working on in flash (intro to interactive class) for Park Ave Fest (which is a festival that happens in the summer in Rochester). It’s a neat project and I’m enjoying flash but lately (ie. tonight) it’s SUPER frustrating. I spent 4 hours trying to get one button to work but luckily the rest of the website didn't take quite as long. Here's a sneek peek of the logo.

I have an information design project that I’m working on. It’s an information graphic about Antarctica. It’s nice to have a wide range of projects to work on so there is always something different to work with. Keeps me from getting bored! 


In other news, Rochester weather is officially bipolar. I thought it was weird before, ya know.. changing around a lot and such. But these past two days have brought a whole new level of weird. 60 degrees & sunny yesterday, absolutely beautiful and we woke up this morning to a lovely 3ish inches of snow on the ground, high winds.. pretty much looked like a blizzard. I did enjoy the one unusually warm day though! Looking forward to more this spring.

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