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Brian Lopipero on Saturday, 22 September 2007. Posted in Student Life

So it has been awhile since my last entry and I apologize!!!  Things here at RIT have been super crazy, and it is only the third week.  I have 19 hours of classes, 19 hours of work, orchestra, an acapella group, and at this very moment that I'm writing this SATURDAY WORK!  Lets not forget that i live in a house that must be cleaned, stocked with food/supplys, and payed for.  It is all a little much, but I still somehow manage to have fun.  I've been going to the gym alot...there is some time between classes for that.  There is of course my acapella group, and they are always a good time...we usually go out for wings after practice!  o yeah, work isn't really work.  It is pretty much a party and a half, there is always food, good times, and great people.  Work at admissions if you come to RIT!!!!