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WOOT! I solved the problem

Jon-derek Castagno on Wednesday, 10 May 2006. Posted in Coursework

OH my gosh, after well over 60 hours of my own time, not including my other team members time we have fixed the problem with the java. A word to the wise, DO NOT have 2 input stream/output streams for a single socket. That was the problem. Now that we have fixed that we now are able to move forward and keep programming. The next thing up is chatting and getting the message sent. I hope that starts to goes well.
Now that things are starting to calm down. I had a 8 page paper due this morning at 8am (I know sooo early). And I foolish procrastinated till very late….very late, but I got it done thankfully. I was up until 1:30 or so doing it and help a friend with her project. Now I am so tired and just want to sleep but I have many other things I must get done today, like work and study for a HUGE math test tomorrow, and I really need to do well on this or my GPA will suffer bad. I am going to a concert tonight with Jessica it is entitled “From Bach to Bop and Back”, classical and jazz renditions of great music. I can not wait.
Onto the best part, the “Dotes Kick Ass Song” this week there is a no clearer choice in my head as to the winner. This band has been a constant favorite for years and they have been around forever. They have a new album coming out and are going on our soon. If you have not guessed yet, I will tell you now. “Dani California” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Check it out, a great song.
-The Coolest Dude Ever