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Working at Admissions

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 04 November 2006.

So as you probably know I work at Admissions. I hail from downstairs (aka the dungeon) were we stuff packets and do data input so all y’all can get information about RIT. This quarter with the advent of me grading for 3 classes I have only been working Saturday’s and giving tours. I miss the downstairs folks a lot (they are the best folks at admissions :) ) I think I will continue the same pattern this winter because I am going to be grading for many classes again. There is a bit of a trade-off between the two, because for grading I can do it anytime of the night, whereas Admissions I have to do it during the work day and I am pretty busy during those times. I definitely love my job a lot, the people I work with are great and so much fun and most importantly the families that I get to meet are interesting and I love to meet them and hear there stories. Well gotta get going, cya later.