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WOWE it's week 10

Brian Lopipero on Wednesday, 16 May 2007. Posted in Coursework, The Arts

It is has been overly crazy around here at RIT.  I'm taking 19 credits...three of those classes have labs.  All this means is that I've been crazy busy specially with work and the acappella group.  Fortunately things are starting to wind down.  I took one final yesterday and i got a B in that class...economics that is.  Tomorrow I have another finals and i should hopefully get an A in that class.  After tomorrows final i will just have to finish a couple of papers, write a lab, go to work, and sing at graduation.  That's right sing at if work and school wasn't enough i have to prepare a song with my acappella group and sing infrom of 13,000+ people.  All this work seems like alot when i think about it, but I work well under pressure and should be able to handle it all.  Just about a week left!!!