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You Don't Need Good Balance to Learn to Ride a Unicycle

Josh Kramer on Monday, 07 September 2009. Posted in Clubs, Majors & Minors, Student Life

What a rush! It's only the first out of 50 days of class this quarter, and already I'm tired.  Today was a blur of syllabi, office hours, and awkward silences with classmates before the instructor arrives.

I also dropped my Computer Science minor and added an Information Technology minor. If you are interested in an Information Technology minor but were disappointed that none were listed at, fear not, they are on their way!  Just go to the IT office on the second floor of building 70 and ask for information. They can give you a list of the advisors for the minors, of whom you can ask more specific questions. I'm so excited that I found this out, because I like web programming so much better than CS programming (If you haven't checked out the website I designed, head over to I built it from scratch!). There is a lot more instant gratification, and my grandmother in California loves to be able to see what I'm doing in school (even if she needs my cousins to show her how to do it).

This evening I met up with 2 friends of mine who unicycle (if you haven't seen my profile picture on this site, go ahead and look. I'll wait....). I have a 20" wheel, another guy has a 24" wheel, and my good friend Konrad has a 26" wheel. We were having fun exchanging unicycles and talking about the other people we know who unicycle. Sometime in the course of the night it hit us - why isn't there a unicycling club at RIT? There isn't a good answer to that question! Tomorrow or the next day, one of us is going to stop by the Student Government office and look into starting a club. We have lots of ideas of things to do, and the budget money could buy safety equipment for contact games on unicycles, or maybe even a giraffe uni for the club! I also came up with a great slogan to advertise with - "You don't need good balance to learn to ride  a unicycle. You LEARN good balance by learning to ride a unicycle." Pretty good, huh? I'll talk more about the 'forming a club' experience in my next post.

Goodluck to everyone on their first week of classes!