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Your Future Res Hall Life at RIT!

Emma Rogers on Tuesday, 11 February 2014. Posted in Residence Life

College is meant to be a rite of passage for a reason: you begin to understand yourself and your goals more precisely, you decide on an area of study that intrigues you, and possibly move to an entirely new town, state, or country from where you grew up! It is the time of living independently away from your parents and your well known high school regime. Unless you plan on commuting to RIT, you will ultimately be living the “dorm life”. But don’t expect to just be sleeping in your dorm- your RA will have exciting programs planned for you and your floormates all year long!

I’m happy to say I’ve been an RA at RIT for exactly a year now, and it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had! We go through extensive training twice per year so that we can extend to YOU all of the best information on campus resources, guidance with school/personal/social issues, and to give you ample opportunities to get engaged during your time at RIT! After only a couple weeks I can assure you that you’ll have recognized the sound of your RA’s knock on the door inviting you to events. Even if meeting new people and participating in activities isn’t your thing, if you push yourself, it will make your college experience that more fulfilling.

Some of the most popular events that I’ve planned or helped to plan this year have included the following!

-Mud Tug (google image search “RIT Mud Tug” for some more photos and get pumped)

(Below is a photo of the 7th floor of Ellingson Hall!)

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-An outdoor fall event where we had a BBQ, tie-dyed tshirts, and painted bricks to use a doorstopper


-Dog therapy


-Attending No Voice Zone, where students get into groups and can’t use their voice, only American Sign Language


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-Halloween costume event


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-A Holiday party thrown on my floor, with pizza, games, music, and a gingerbread house contest


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-Door painting, where residents were able to paint their dorm doors and express their creativity to brighten up the floor!


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-Watching Big Bang Theory every week in the lounge down the hall with free pizza!


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-This semester I’ll be taking my residents to several different athletic facilities on campus, including the racquetball courts, the lazy river and swimming pool, and the red barn rock climbing wall!


-My floor and I recently attended the Bowl That is Super event (for the Super Bowl) in the Gordon Field House! It was a great time, and it included free pizza (are you sensing a trend here?), wings, drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, inflatables, a photo booth, giveaways and being able to watch the game on the big screen!




-I am in the midst of working on a team for an upcoming program in April, where we will have carnival games and food, all sorts of crafts, and puppies to play with!


These are only a handful of the events that are happening through RIT Residence Life- imagine everything you will be able to enjoy, from Orientation Week, to Brick City Homecoming, the several RIT festivals, the concerts and speakers... I could go on and on! 

Enjoy your remaining months in highschool, and cherish everything from your senior prom to graduation. But be prepared for what residence life at RIT will have to offer you- everything from new experiences,  a never ending supply of free pizza, and some of the best memories with the best people you’ll ever meet!



Meet you at the dorms! 




Follow me @RIT_Emma for updates on day to day life at RIT, and to ask me any questions you have about our amazing institute!