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your questions answered!!

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 11 August 2008. Posted in Orientation, RIT Mission

well...i just spent some time looking at all the facebook groups for the incoming freshman class. a lot of you had questions and i took some of those to answer here. enjoy!

Are we allowed to have microwaves in the dorms? - Tessa T.

You are not allowed to have a microwave in your dorm room, but each floor has a microwave in the kitchen/lounge area. Make sure you keep an eye on your food! No wandering away...if your floor sets off the fire alarm enough times, your microwave could get taken away or your lounge could get locked. Also, people in your building will NOT be happy if the fire alarm goes off.

How do we go about scheduling classes? - Dave A.

Your department will schedule your classes for you the first quarter. You can get your schedule by going to and entering your information. Fall schedules may also be up on your site. Part way through fall quarter, it's time to register for winter quarter. This time you register for yourself. Don't worry, n your FYE class (First Year Enrichment) your teacher will go over the registration process. Unfortunately, it does involve waking up at 6 am. Boo. But everybody else has to do it. If you have extra credits (AP courses, college credits) you may be able to register early.

Is anyone a fan of theater? - Meghan L.

RIT does have a theater group on campus, RIT players. They put on a few dramas each year and last year they teamed up with RITSMA (RIT Student Music Association) to put on a musical. We WILL be doing another musical this winter. It hasn't been decided which one yet. I've been helping scan scripts I will be one of the first to know once we decide.

Does anyone know about improv? - Alex N.

RIT does have an improv group, Brainwreck. You can learn more about them here:

Anyone know of any banks on campus? - Ryan P.

There are no actual banks on campus, but we do have three different bank's ATMs. HSBC, Bank of America, and M&T. The closest actual bank to campus is Bank of America, located in Southtown Plaza on Jefferson Road. If you have an on campus job, you can sign up for direct deposit so your paycheck will be deposited into your bank account automatically.

Does anyone feel like RIT is full of nerds and anti-social people and there won't ever be any parties to go to? - Bradley P.

One of my favorite things about RIT is how diverse it is. Every "type" of person goes to this school. Yes, there are some people that would prefer to sit in their rooms and play video games. There are also people who study a lot and people who party a lot and people who love the environment and people who love sports. Everybody can fit in somewhere at this school. As for parties, if you want to go to a party, there are parties to go to. If you'd prefer not to, you don't have to. There will still be things for you to do and you won't be labeled a "loser" for not going out.

I only have five classes. Is this normal? - Tony M.

An average class load is 16 credits which usually works out to be four or five classes. Classes are assigned credits based on how long they meet, and how much work you will have. My art history class was three credits, it met twice a week for an hour and twenty minutes each time. We didn't really have much homework. One small paper and study study study. Some science courses have a one credit lab attached to them. It is part of the class, but it is given it's own class title, time, and credit.

Does TR mean Thursday or Tuesday Thursday? - Kathryn R.

On RIT schedules, R = Thursday. So TR would mean that you've got the class both Tuesday and Thursday.

Do people rearrange their furniture at all? I'm trying to figure out if there's some setup I might like more than just the room split down the middle. - Derek

My floor was notorious for rearranging their rooms. On any given day, I'd come home from class only to find the contents of a room all up and down the hallway while people were rearranging. The beds are fully adjustable so you can set them to like eight different heights, starting from the floor to completely lofted. My favorite was keeping my bed about chest high (I'm a 5'4" female so figure that out) and then stuffing all my junk underneath and hiding it with a sheet. As for some other room roommate and I started out with our beds bunked at 90 degree angles. We had our dressers at the ends of our beds and our desks were together against one wall. At one point, we made it so that you had to go under my roommate's bed to get into the room...I really liked that one. I also didn't use my desk so I put that under my bed and kept things on top of was the perfect place to store art projects. The far end of our room was a living room area with a large chair, a storage bin that doubled as a coffee table, and the TV.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them as a comment on this blog.

Also, stay tuned for my end of quarter wrap-up, adventures of living with the opposite sex, and more stories from my week-long birthday celebration!