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Stacy Kowsz on Friday, 29 February 2008. Posted in Dining

Diner #4
4018 West Henrietta Road
This diner is less than 5 minutes from RIT campus, just as close as Jay’s, and it’s a favorite spot for my usual brunch crowd.  However, they do lock the doors earlish on weekends; they are only open until 2:30 on Saturday, and they’re open just for breakfast on Sunday until 1.  You can get a lot of food for cheap.  Margie’s Big Breakfast=homefries, toast, two eggs, bacon (5 pieces!), and pancakes/French toast=$6.  Maybe the best homefries that we’ve had.  It’s a family owned place and has a friendly atmosphere.  I had some great banana pancakes here, as well. 

Diner #5
Highland Park Diner
960 South Clinton Avenue

This is a great little place; it might be a little cramped for space because it’s an airstream trailer, that was made by the Orleans Manufacturing Company, but it’s a great atmosphere, classic diner style.  It’s worth the wait. They offer some great meal choices.  I’ve had a great version of eggs Benedict, and perhaps my favorite breakfast EVER: pumpkin bread French Toast.  Big, very full plates=lots of food.  There’s pretty decent homefries, and good coffee.  And a lot of coffee; they are very prompt to top you off.  I think this is my personal favorite diner.  It’s another one that’s a little drive from RIT campus, but not more than maybe 15 minutes.