• Christina


    Currently a 3rd year in the New Media Design and Imaging major! I'm involved with New Student Orientation and New Media Club. I'm also the President of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. I love being invovled on campus and taking advantage of all of the awesome stuff RIT has to offer!

  • Erin


    Hey, I'm Erin and I'm a 3rd year Journalism student. I currently work not only at Admissions, but also at Student Government. I'm also invovled with New Student Orientation. Her dream is to rule the school through social media!

  • Daniel


    Born in lagos, Nigeria. Grew up in London, California, though mainly Maryland. I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering Tech student at RIT (although contemplating the switch to Chemical engineering).

  • Jacob


    Hey Y'all! That's right there are some southerners who choose to come to Rochester. I am from the great city of Nashville, TN.  I am a fourth year Packaging Science major and outside the classroom I love to stay busy and involved with my many commitments, including Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. 

  • Kevin


    Hello there, blog-reader. I'm Kevin Granger, a 3rd year Game Design student at RIT, recently switching majors from Physics.  I'm one of those people who's involved in everything on campus, including starting my own Linux club, Sigma Chi fraternity, and New Student Orientation.

RIT Behind the Scenes - Season 1

Five RIT students are asking you to join them on their adventures through college.  We do it unscripted, candid, the way it’s supposed to be: Behind the Scenes.

In reality, there are six of us. There’s MeganJacobChristinaKevin, and Sabrina on camera, and Emily behind the scenes (behind the behind the scenes?) doing the video editing.

We blog, we film, we tweet. But the big part of our project is RIT Behind the Scenes, our weekly episodic webseries.

Each episode has a different theme to it. We started with sharing our morning routines (as well as introducing ourselves), then going to classes and majors, what we do after class, and all about wellness classes and working out at RIT.

Watch Now:

The Trailer

A preview of the upcoming series "Five RIT students". Throughout their webisode series you will journey with them as they discover what campus life is all about.

Pilot (S1 Ep1)

Get to know us 5 students a little better in the first episode of the series, as we focus on our morning routines as well as our backgrounds.

It's Complicated (S1 Ep2)

Learn a bit about our majors, and what those majors mean to us at RIT.

After Class (S1 Ep3)

You already know what we do before we head to class, but what happens after class?

Workin' Out (S1 Ep4)

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the the fight... Join us as we show you about wellness classes, and the different athletic facilities on campus.

Housing: Part 1 (S1 Ep5)

Join Kevin, (special guest star) Jason, and Christina as they show you around their cribz.

Housing: Part 2 (S1 Ep6)

Now it's time to focus on Jacob and Megan's cribz.

Finals (S1 Ep7)

It's finals week here at RIT... and how are we coping?

Spring Break (S1 Ep8)

After finals, it's time for spring break... woo hoo! We visit our hometowns, California, and of course, Mexico.

RIT Hockey (S1 Ep9)

Hockey? HOCKEY. It''s time to learn about our biggest sport here at RIT: Hockey. Go Tigers!

Why RIT? (S1 Ep10)

In this episode, we answer our most important question yet: why did we pick RIT?