RIT Behind the Scenes - Season 2

Rejoin the RITstudents cast in their second season of RIT Behind the Scenes. Join Alissa, Kevin, Christina, Tanner, and Erin on their adventures on the RIT campus. This season, learn what it's like to live away from home for the first time in "Can't Bring Mom to College," discover the most romantic spots on campus in the Valentine's Day episode, and get the inside scoop on RIT Traditions in the season finale.

The on camera cast is supported by Emily, Megan, Jacob, and Trevor behind the scenes. All team members can be found in the blog portal and on twitter! We encourage you to tweet thoughts, comments, and questions to #RITstudents or #askRIT. 

Watch Now:

Valentine's Day (S2 Ep3)

How the RIT campus celebrates Valentine's Day.

Alissa (S2 Ep4)

Meet Alissa Anderson! 

Co-op (S2 Ep5)

Learn about Co-op opportunities at RIT! 

Finals Week (S2 Ep6)

Finals week is here. The 5 RIT Students talk about how they're week is going, how they study and how they avoid studying!


Tanner (S2 Ep7)

Meet Tanner, a 3rd year Multidisciplinary Studies student!  

Erin (S2 Ep8)

Meet Erin, a 2nd year journalism major!   

Can't Bring Mom to College (S2 Bonus)

Worried about those things you're used to mom taking care of for you? Don't worry, the 5 RIT Students tackle those questions in this episode. 


RIT Traditions (S2 Bonus)

Check out some RIT traditions!