RIT Behind the Scenes - Season 3

Five RIT students are asking you to join them on their adventures through college.  We do it unscripted, candid, the way it’s supposed to be: Behind the Scenes.

In reality, there are eight of us. There’s TannerJacobChristinaErin, and Daniel on camera, and Alissa, Megan, and Trevor behind the scenes (behind the behind the scenes?) doing the video editing.

We blog, we film, we tweet. But the big part of our project is RIT Behind the Scenes, our weekly episodic webseries.

Each episode has a different theme to it. This season, learn about the R in RIT - the attractions and opportunities in Rochester, NY; listen to student stories associated with changing majors and other campus moments.

Watch Now:

New Blood (S3 Ep1)

RITstudents are back with a third season. Join them as they say goodbye to a graduating member and go on the search for a new team member!

How Did the Tiger Cross the Road? (S3 Ep2)

Cars, buses, bikes and a unicycle? Learn how RIT students get around campus in this week's episode!

The R in RIT (S3 Ep3)

Learn a little about the original home of RIT and the cool things to do there.

Athletics (S3 Ep5)

Explore the world of Tiger Athletics with the RITstudents - teams, clubs, and intermurals. 

The T in RIT (S3 Ep6)

The T in RIT stands for Technology... and we've ogt lots of it! Check out some of the technology highlights on campus. 

Clubs on Campus (S3 Ep7)

When you hear on tours that RIT has over 250 clubs on campus - we are not lying! In this episode, RITstudents explore some of the largest and newest clubs on campus.