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Pattie's Top Ten Reasons to Choose RIT

(December 17 2012) Written by: Patricia Schiotis in Clubs, Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

It’s crunch time for high school seniors across the nation.  From college visits, to applications, and even choosing a major, decision time...

Homework Got You Down?

(December 02 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Advising & Support

One thing about college that doesn't change from high school is homework. And unfortunately, you'll probably have lots more of it in...

Things To Do While Waiting for RIT

(June 25 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Clubs, Orientation, Residence Life, Student Life, Vacation / Break

Congrats to all of you graduated seniors! This is going to be the longest summer of your life. Why? Because you're waiting...

Zombie Chronicles: Episode 1

(September 20 2011) Written by: Tanner Newcomb in Clubs, Residence Life, Student Life

HvZ: Humans vs. Zombies.This is Doug.  He is a human.  Note his Nerf gun and arm-bandanna.  I stumbled upon him in the...