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Preparing for the Career Fair

(March 22 2013) Written by: Melody Kelly in Co-op

With hundreds of employers and even more students buzzing around the Field House, the Career Fair can be overwhelming without preparation. Make...

Co-ops and Careers 101

(March 19 2013) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Co-op

With Spring at RIT comes the end of the academic year, and for third and fourth years, our hearts jump and our...

The Final Blog

(February 23 2013) Written by: Patricia Schiotis in Alumni, Student Life

It has come to the day, after nearly 5 years, where I have finished all my degree requirements, which means I am...

Packaging Science Career Fair

(January 29 2013) Written by: Jacob Sachs in Academic Calendar, Co-op, Life After RIT

As you may already know, RIT hosts two annual career fairs, one in both the fall and the spring, every year. These...

Peter's Top Ten Reasons For Choosing RIT

(January 14 2013) Written by: Peter Ryan, Jr. in Clubs, Co-op, Faculty, Fraternity / Sorority Life, International Students, Student Life

Two years ago I was asking myself the same question that lots of current high school seniors are asking themselves now: now...

Pattie's Top Ten Reasons to Choose RIT

(December 17 2012) Written by: Patricia Schiotis in Clubs, Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

It’s crunch time for high school seniors across the nation.  From college visits, to applications, and even choosing a major, decision time...

Making the most of a co-op

(December 12 2012) Written by: Danielle Nutter

I just started my 4th co-op and I realized how much they have changed my outlook on school and the field I...

Why I Chose RIT

(December 06 2012) Written by: Melody Kelly

When I first began my college search, I was unsure of exactly what I should be looking for. Location? Public or private?...

It's Like Applying to College...

(October 09 2012) Written by: Megan Chapman in Admissions Process, Co-op, Coursework, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, Student Life

AGAIN!I returned from my 6 month co-op stint to find out that I can graduate a year early!  All of this was...