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(June 17 2012) Written by: Patricia Schiotis in Co-op

This summer, I am spending my time in Cincinnati, Ohio cooping at GE Aviation. New place, new people, new experiences.  After one...

Summer Co-Op!

(June 17 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Co-op

Hi Everyone! So I haven't updated you all in awhile so here's a summary of what I've been up to! So school's...

30,000 Feet

(May 18 2012) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Co-op

Hey Future RIT  -   Currently checking in from 30,000 feet - shout out to @SouthWestAir an onboard WiFi. This weekend marks the midpoint...

Keep it Outside the Box

(April 04 2012) Written by: Alissa Anderson in Co-op

“Functional Fixedness” has been a buzz word circulating in my world over the past few months. The concept refers to the human...

Be Inspired

(March 18 2012) Written by: Elishia Ortiz

Don’t be defeated. Be inspired.  There’s going to be many road blocks that come your way. It’s seeing the road block as an...

Back to Work!

(January 16 2012) Written by: Christina Brooks in Coursework, Student Life

It’s Week 5. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m halfway through the school year. Week 5 is also the week...

Life On the Co-op at Neutrogena

(January 10 2012) Written by: Elishia Ortiz

I'm Elishia Ortiz a new media marketing major at RIT with a minor in public relations. I'm currently doing a co-op with...

My first co-op!

(December 19 2011) Written by: Chad Rossi

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great start to your winter! I am currently sitting in my apartment in Northern VA on...

Move to the Armory!

(November 01 2011) Written by: Victor H Sanchez in Co-op, Rochester & Monroe County

I am currently on coop with MRB Group, which is an engineering, architectural, and surveying firm. The company will be moving to...