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How I knew Rochester would be perfect for me...

(April 07 2014) Written by: Lizz Sawyer in Visiting RIT, Festivals, Rochester & Monroe County

Making the college decision is never easy. Which school will fit your personality the best, which town will be the most fun,...

Will My Roommate Like Me?

(April 03 2014) Written by: Christina Brooks in Student Life

Will my roommate like me? This is a big question everyone wonders coming into college. So will they? Maybe! (I'm just a...

So...Why RIT?

(February 26 2014) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Visiting RIT

By far the most frequently asked question on my tours. Everyone wants to know, the microphones are in my face and the...

Your Future Res Hall Life at RIT!

(February 11 2014) Written by: Emma Rogers in Residence Life

College is meant to be a rite of passage for a reason: you begin to understand yourself and your goals more precisely,...

High school confusion to college confidence!

(January 11 2014) Written by: Lizz Sawyer

In high school I loved my photography classes, my gym classes and study hall...So to say the least, when it came to...

The University Decision

(January 06 2014) Written by: Matthieu Dora in Admissions Process

As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, deciding upon what university you want to attend can be a nerve wracking,...

Through The Eyes Of An Instagrammer: Life as a First Year Student

(July 02 2013) Written by: Emma Rogers in Student Life

If you haven't learned already, you will learn it quick. It is near to impossible to find yourself twiddling your thumbs at...

Co-ops and Internships!

(June 25 2013) Written by: Angelina Pilarinos in Co-op

RIT has a great co-op program, it's one of the reasons why I decided to come to RIT.  If you don’t know...

Meet and Greet!

(June 19 2013) Written by: Emma Rogers

A big hello to all upcoming freshmen, and everyone else who checks into the RIT Ambassador posts! My name is Emma Rogers,...