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Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Current Undergraduate Students

Step 1--Determining EligibilityStep 2--FAFSAStep 4--SARStep 5--TAPStep 6--What's Next?Step 7--Award Checklist

Step 6—Financial Aid Award Checklist

In addition to the award letter you received, which outlines your financial aid eligibility, you and/or your parents may also borrow additional loan resources to help with your remaining cost of attendance. Please refer to the Loans page for program information on parent loans, state educational loans and alternative loans.

We would encourage you to refer to the 2014-2015 Financial Aid Checklist of required documents needed to process and disburse your financial aid. By following the checklist, you will ensure meeting all filing deadlines and requests for documentation.


Check your department mail folder regularly once you are on campus. This is our most common means of communicating critical financial aid news to you when you are enrolled.
The Student Information System (SIS) is another convenient tool that lets you know when important financial aid documents are required. You can check your account via the portal at
Oftentimes we send e-mail reminders throughout the year about important deadlines or documents needed. If you don’t use your DCE account for everyday e-mail usage, remember to put a mail forward address on it to ensure that you receive these timely messages.