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James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amount: $1,000
Essay: 700 to 1500 words
Deadline: Awarded Monthly ten times per year

Writing Prompt:

Please address some or all of the following questions:
•Should cancer patients and doctors be able to use whatever treatments they like in treating cancer? Why?
•What are some examples of “alternative therapies” and why do cancer patients use them when they are not FDA approved?
•Should medicinal medicine and folk medicine have any relevancy in cancer?
•It is estimated that it costs over $400 million to bring a new cancer drug to market. Does that establish roadblocks for the testing and approval of alternative therapies?
•What changes or improvements should be made in our healthcare system and the way we treat cancer in this country so that cancer is no longer the leading cause of death in Americans under age 85?

Essay Length:

The essay must be no fewer than 700 and no more than 1,500 words in length.