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Carr & Weatherby Scholarship for At-Risk Youth

While one may associate homelessness with older adults, youth may also find themselves without a secure place to live… When a young person has no home, or worries about where they will sleep that night, education often becomes an afterthought. That’s why we have created the Carr & Weatherby Scholarship for At-Risk Youth. We want to give back to the community by offering help to students who are homeless or who have experienced homelessness, including at-risk, foster care and/or youth with critical financial needs.

Here at Carr & Weatherby, we care deeply about the homeless population in Atlanta. We have worked extensively with the Atlanta Mission, which provides food and shelter for the homeless in our area, and we want to help in our own way. We have created a Scholarship for At-Risk Youth, which we hope can help create a brighter future for deserving students pursuing their dreams.

$1000 Scholarship


2.8 and above