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Mock Interview Program

Having the opportunity to practice interviewing before you start interviewing with prospective employers is invaluable!Mock Interview Day Students

Practice your interviewing skills with company recruiters fall and spring semesters. Sharpen your interviewing skills and practice one-on-one with a company representative from one of our local employers.

Limited availability. Please submit your resume and select your interview time. You will participate in a 20-minute “mock” interview followed by a 10-minute critique from your interviewer.

NOTE: The resume you have on Job Zone when you sign up for a time slot is the resume that will be given to the recruiter.

Program Overview and Instructions

This program gives you the chance to practice your interviewing skills with real company recruiters.

Steps to register for your mock interview:

  • Log into RIT Job Zone via the student page of our site. (If you have not logged into RIT Job Zone before, you will be prompted to complete your profile). You will need to upload a resume in Job Zone in order to sign up for a mock interview time.
  • Click on the tab marked ‘interviews’.
  • Type ‘mock interview’ into the search field next to the ‘My Account’ area and hit ‘enter’. (There is a small magnifying glass there, which is the search tab/box).
  • Select ‘FULLTIME/CO-OP Mock Interview’ from the list of results. You may have to scroll through the search results to locate this item.
  • Submit your resume and select the timeslot you are available for the mock interview.
    -You will participate in a 20-minute “mock” interview, followed by a 10-minute critique from your interviewer.
    -You are limited to one time slot.

If you would like an interpreter, it is your responsibility to request one. Go to and type in your user name and DCE password. Click on "Other Requests" and complete the form.

QUESTIONS? Call 585-475-2301.