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Workshops and Company Networking Events

SPRING Programming:


Career & Job Search Strategy Events

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Rotational Programs
Date: 9/6
Time: 12:15-1:15pm
Location: Xerox Aud
Description: In this session you will learn about amazing full-time opportunities the benefits and how to apply.

Finding Career Success in the US-for International Students
Date: 9/6
Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: Bausch and Lomb Center, A190

Prep for the Interview
Date: 9/13
Time: 12:30-1:30pm
Location: SAU, 1829 Room

Job Search for International Students
Date: 9/19
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Location: SAU, Ingle Aud

Mock Interview Day
Date: 9/29
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Location: Bausch and Lomb Center

The Next Step: COLA
Date: 9/29
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: TBD
Description: Develop skills for launching a successful career

Discover job search strategies for your college and learn how to make the most of the Career Fair.
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9/20      CIAS
Booth, Webb Aud


9/21      KGCOE & CAST
Xerox Aud


9/21      GCCIS
Golisano, 1400


9/25      COS
Gosnell, A300


9/27      SCB & COLA
Lowenthall, 1105/1110








Break Through the Career Clutter: An Exploration Workshop Series

Workshop #1: Career Values and Interests Exploration

Description: In this session you will engage in career self-exploration activities,  learn about your values, and explore your interests and how the align with occupations.

Date: 2/23

Time: 12-1pm

Location: BAU A-100


Date: 3/23

Time: 12-1pm

Location: Campus Center 1010


Workshop #2: Career Decision Making

Description: In this session you will learn what is involved in making a career-choice, discover your decision-making style and practice your decision-making skills!

Date: 3/2

Time 12-1pm

Location: BAU A-100


Date: 3/30

Time: 12-1pm

Location: BAU A-100


Workshop #3: Career Confidence and Overcoming Obstacles

Description: In this session you will, explore your job search anxieties, boost your career confidence, engage in activities to identify skills for overcoming barriers.

Date: 3/9

Time: 12-1pm

Location: BAU A-100


Date: 4/6

Time: 12-1pm

Location: BAU A-100


Graduate School Workshops

Company Networking Events

Many companies visit campus with the goal of promoting their company to students. Find out what a company does, and what kind of opportunities may exist for you there by attending a company info session. Some of these companies pair up their info session with on campus interviewing the following day.

Most are open to any student or alumnus who is interested in finding out more about an organization and connecting with recruiters. Find the list of company info sessions under 'Events'. Check the Job Zone Event Calendar which includes all the workshops, company networking/info sessions and events.

Other Career Events


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Alumni-specific Programming

We work to develop programming with our alumni in mind. Visit our Alumni Programs and Events page for complete details.