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Web-Based Tools
and Recommended Online Resources


1 RIT Job Zone

2 Web Resources (free access for RIT students and alumni)

2.1 ArtJob
2.2 CareerSearch
2.3 Current Jobs for Graduates - Art, Writing/Editing & Communications
2.4 Glassdoor
2.5 Going Global
2.6 Interfolio
2.8 Job Start 101
2.10 My Visa
2.11 Occupational Network
2.12 Registered Nurse Jobs - CampusRN
2.13 RIT Career Guide
2.14 Vault's Career Insider Guides

3 Sites by Major/College

4 Housing Sites

4.1 Airnb
4.2 Educational Housing Services (EHS)

4.3 NYCIntern
4.4 Padmapper
4.5 Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)


RIT Job Zone

Job Zone is the part of our site where we post job listings (co-op, full-time, freelance, etc) and on campus interview opportunities. You can also search the events to find more information about scheduled career fairs, workshops and company info sessions. Other features include a professional network of industry volunteers willing to talk to you about your career or their company or occupation.

The main Job Zone page is secure and gives you access to sites we subscribe to just for RIT students and alumni use.

Login through the main student/alumni page of our site.

Web Resources

We subscribe to a number of resources that will help you with different aspects of your job search. Below is a short description and where you can access them:


[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts']

ArtJob features a comprehensive list of frequently updated jobs, internships, fellowships, and other employment opportunities in all areas of the arts, including visual arts, performing arts, commercial art and design firms, film, public arts agencies, academic arts departments, galleries, conferences, commissions, non-profit organizations engaged in the arts and cultural policy, and more.


[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts']

CareerSearch provides you with access to a powerful networking database of over
4 million companies nationwide. Our database is compiled from the most respected, industry-specific sources.

Search for information on a particular company, person, industry or location using a variety of search options.

New to CareerSearchClick here to access tutorials that will help you get started with our newest version of CareerSearch

Current Jobs for Graduates (Art, Writing/Editing & Communications)

[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts']

Current Jobs in Writing, Editing & Communications lists entry-level or early career job vacancies in a broad range of communications fields.


Unlimited Glassdoor access for RIT students and alumni! Glassdoor provides an inside look at salaries, reviews and interview questions posted by employees at over 100,000 organizations. Content includes actual interview questions and reviews for specific employers from previous interview candidates; specific salary, bonus, and commission details; and reviews of the company culture and working conditions. AND job postings!

Glassdoor, the leading jobs and career community, recently revealed Job Explorer, a free visualization search tool that makes it easier for Americans to pinpoint the best job opportunities by city, county and state, and uncover other possible career paths.

Going Global

[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Jump To']

Going Global is the leading provider of both country-specific and USA city-specific career and employment information. Our unlimited access subscription database features 33 Country Career Guides, 43 USA City Career guides, corporate profiles and more than 600,000 internship and job listings within the USA and around the world.


We recommend Interfolioi as an option to manage your letters of recommendation as it is a trusted provider of higher education credential management, for a nominal fee.

[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts'] logo

Search the world's largest internship database for exciting jobs.
Registering on is fast and easy.

1. Students can simply click on the “Sign Up for Free” link in the upper right-hand corner of the student homepage.

2. Complete the form by entering in your first and last name, your email address/username, and a password.

3. Then click the green "Sign Me Up!" button on the bottom right.

Don't forget to create your profile/resume and select your school from the drop down menu in the education section

Job Start 101

Here is a resource we recommend. It is called Job Start 101 and includes videos and an accompanying work book. It will take you through modules to help you understand how to build on-the-job skills so you are ready to start you career and avoid common mistakes.

Module 1: How to Establish Your E-brand
Module 2: How to Develop a Professional Persona
Module 3: How to Build Work Relationships
Module 4: How to Manage Your Emotions and Stay Positive
Module 5: How to Solve Problems
Module 6: How to Drive Your Career

It was put together by the Association of Chief Human Resources and Business Roundtable. Check it out.

Career advice from America's leading companies. is a public service provided by the HR Policy Association to help new entrants into the workforce find jobs. Every answer you read on jobipedia℠ was written by someone from a large employer who actually hires employees for a living. The site was developed by students, interns, entry-level employees, and recruiters who were all frustrated by the volume of inaccurate information on the web by self-proclaimed gurus.

My Visa

Search H1B Visa database to find potential employers and then pitch to them directly.

Occupational Network

[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts']

Welcome to your tool for career exploration and job analysis! O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

Registered Nurse JobsRegistered Nurse Jobs

Registered Nurse Jobs
Search Thousands of Entry Level Jobs, Externships, & Scholarship Opportunities on CampusRN.

RIT Career Guide

Use this guide, developed for RIT students and alumni, to get prepared for your job search and career.

Article topics covered in the Career Guide also include: Network Your Way to a Job, Social Networking Websites, What Happens During an Interview?, The Art of Negotiating, Resume Preparation, Sample Resumes, Job Search Correspondence, Choosing Between Job Offers, and much more!

Vault's Career Insider

[login to Job Zone, link can be found under 'Shortcuts']

Vault is the world’s leading source of Career Intelligence.  It will make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient. Whether you are just exploring possible career paths or you are ready for your interview, Career Insider can help!

  • Downloadable Career Guides
  • Employer profiles and rankingsVault logo
  • All discussion boards
  • Industry blogs and news covering the latest trends and issues
  • Diversity, green programs and leadership development profiles
  • Vault's job board, which matches employers and recruiters with top talent (that's you.)


Sites by College/Major

Online Resource Lists

These lists of job sites and professional associations have been compiled by program coordinators by major/interest areas use this list to add sites and online resources to your job search arsenal or to help with your career development.

Advertising/Public Relations

Art, Design & Crafts




Criminal Justice


Engineering Technology


Liberal Arts

Math and Statistics



Photography, Film, Animation, Motion Picture

Print Media


Public Policy


Social Work

Housing Sites


Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

Educational Housing Services (EHS)

EHS is a not-for-profit organization that provides safe and convenient housing for students and interns in New York City.


Great housing options for students doing an internship/co-op in NYC area. We offer furnished apartments and residence style rooms to interns living in the city for a semester or a summer. Locations in Midtown, Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights.


Use Padmapper as a tool to help you locate housing. Type in your location to see housing options…


  • It's a free site
  • Aggregates housing listings on a map from numerous websites sites like,, craigslist, etc.
  • Provides a visual representation of housing options available on a googlemap
  • You can define your criteria using a slider…such as your rent range, number of bedrooms and baths.
  • Can look at all rentals, leases, room shares or narrow by these criteria
  • Once you select a red balloon location on the map, to bring up housing details, you can see specific details of the listing including photos (if lister has any), and googlemap street views
  • Can also use the "walkscore" tab to determine "walkability" to and from locations
  • Can flag a place using a "my list" application.

Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)