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Students from any PLTW school may apply for RIT college credit for five of the PLTW courses:

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (Design and Drawing for Production in some New York State schools)
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Digital Electronics
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture

RIT requires that these students receive at least a 6 stanine score on the year-end exam (6=C; 7=B; 8 and 9 = A), and have a class average of 85% or higher.  For the students meeting these criteria, RIT awards three semester credits for each of the five courses. The cost of tuition is $225 per course.

Students will have an RIT transcript to submit to admission offices of colleges and universities that they apply to.

RIT's academic departments evaluate the acceptability of those credits in the same manner in which they evaluate and confer transfer credits. Applying for and receiving RIT credits for PLTW courses does not guarantee that those credits will be accepted in individual academic programs at RIT. All RIT colleges should be able to accept up to three PLTW courses as ‘free electives’ in addition to any they might accept as direct course replacements.

When secondary school students receive RIT college credit for PLTW courses, a transcript is developed for them. This transcript shows the RIT-equivalent course name and number. If a former-PLTW student enters RIT, the letter grade he/she received for the high school course is counted towards his/her GPA. If the student attends another university, the three credits are usually transferred in with no letter grade.

Since these students are receiving college credit for college-level work, there are certain rules that must be followed by every PLTW school to ensure the integrity of the exam and process:

  • Students must take the exam immediately at the conclusion of the course.
  • All exams must be given prior to June 30 of each calendar year for students completing the course that year.
  • Students taking the exam in the spring must apply for and pay for RIT credit prior to Nov. 2 of that year. Students taking the exam in December have until the following Nov. 2 to apply.
  • Students cannot decide later in their high school career that they want to receive credit for courses taken in previous years.
  • If a student is graduating in 2016, or applying for early acceptance at colleges it is recommended that the registration form/payment be sent in by July 15.