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Educating Young Engineers

Founded in 2013 by Sara Willner-Giwerc and Kayleah Griffin, two Saratoga Springs PLTW students, as the product of their year-long EDD project, Educating Young Engineers (EYE) is an organization dedicated to providing every student with access to engineering education starting in kindergarten. Since the organizations debut, it has successfully brought engineering education to over 5,000 elementary school students in the capital district while raising over $20,000 for engineering education.

The two videos below showcase the excitement and benefits of this program.

Michael Gallagher, Saratoga Springs Teacher and PLTW Master Teacher, worked with and supported Sara and Kayleah throughout this endeavor.


Outstanding STEM Program Achievement

The Wheatland Chili Central School District has been recognized for Outstanding STEM Program Achievement by the Finger Lakes STEM Hub.  WCCCSD is committed to the implementation of a comprehensive K-12 STEM program, and offers the PLTW Launch, Gateway and Engineering programs.  Their model  has provided guidance to other districts implementing STEM curriculums into practice as well as to those considering the different PLTW programs.  Jennifer Sinesbox, Executive Director of Curriculum accepted the award this past spring on behalf of the district. 

Congratulations, Wheatland Chili!