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Political Science BS

Program Overview

Our department offers a BS degree in political science that is unique and innovative. The program tightly integrates the traditional fields of American government and international relations in order to prepare students for a life and a career in an increasingly globalized world. In addition, the program incorporates into its curriculum courses in politics and life sciences and information technology. That is, the program focuses on the use of information technology for political organization and communication and the influence of recent advances in biology and biotechnology on how we understand ourselves as human beings and citizens. It is these aspects that make us stand out from other undergraduate political science programs.

Degrees Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science


  • Approximately 52 students are enrolled.

Cooperative Education & Experiential Education Component

  • Beginning in the third year, students may participate in optional learning experiences that may include an internship and/or cooperative education (co-op),
  • which provides students with hands-on experience in a variety of environments, from government agencies, non-profits, nongovernmental agencies, to political campaigns.

Salary Information

Co-op: No information available
*BS:  $41,785               $37,475 – $49,911
*Statistics from the Nat’l Assn. of Colleges & Employers (NACE) for Spring 2016 graduates.             

Student Skills & Capabilities

Writing & communications skills, critical thinking, problem recognition, creative problem solving, cooperative analysis, Oxford debating skills.

Professional/Technical Skills
Scenario planning, decision analysis, legal analysis, data analysis, grand strategy.

Nature of Work

Political Scientists research political subjects, such as the U.S. political system, relations between the United States and foreign countries, and political ideologies, collect and analyze data from sources, such as public opinion surveys and election results and develop theories, using qualitative sources, such as historical documents (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics O.O.H.)

Training / Qualifications

Jobseekers who have earned a bachelor’s degree can benefit from internships or volunteer work when looking for entry-level positions in political science or a related field. Internships can give students a chance to apply their academic knowledge in a professional setting and to develop the analytic, research, and writing skills needed for the field. Jobseekers with a bachelor’s degree in political science usually qualify for entry-level positions in a related field, such as assistants or research assistants for research organizations, political campaigns, or nonprofit organization. They may also qualify for some government positions. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics O.O.H.)

Job Outlook

Job outlook for social scientists and related workers is 12% through 2024. Political scientists should face strong competition for most jobs. Candidates with a graduate degree, strong writing and analytical skills, and experience researching or performing policy analysis should have the best job prospects. Political scientists will continue to be needed in government to assess the impact of government policies, such as the efficiencies of public services, effects of departmental cuts, and advantages of proposed improvements.

Job Titles

Government Affairs Manager, Grant Writer, Political Analyst, Political Lobbyist, Labor Relations Specialist, City Planner.

Significant Points

  • • Students may pursue a double major in political science and a secondary area. Students have combined political science with a double major in diverse fields such as computer science, criminal justice, economics, and philosophy.
  • • An accelerated 4+1 option is available for students who wish to earn a BS in political science and an MBA. The option is offered in conjunction with Saunders College of Business and allows students to obtain both degrees in five years of study.
  • study abroad opportunity enhances student's understanding of global politics and culture. Students may study full time at a variety of host schools and are able to select courses in their major as well as liberal arts courses.
  • To learn more about the Study Abroad program, please visit

Selected Employer Hiring Partners

National Association of the Deaf, U.S. Consular Agency in Genova, Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation. 
A degree in political science prepares students for careers in law; local, state, and national government; foreign service; business; government relations; and other areas of the private and public sector in which knowledge of the political process and the strengths and limitations of modern democracy and modern society is appropriate. In addition, students are well-prepared for graduate study in a variety of fields, ranging from business and law to political science and public policy.

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