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Computer Engineering MS

Program overview

The master of science degree in computer engineering provides students with a higher level of specialized knowledge in computer engineering, strengthening their ability to successfully formulate solutions to current technical problems, and offering a significant independent learning experience in preparation for further graduate study or for continuing professional development at the leading edge of the discipline. The program accommodates applicants with undergraduate degrees in computer engineering or related programs such as electrical engineering or computer science. (Some additional bridge courses may be required for applicants from undergraduate degrees outside of computer engineering.)


The degree requires 30 semester credit hours and includes four core courses, four graduate electives (subject to a faculty adviserís approval), two to three semesters of graduate seminar, and 6 semester credit hours of thesis research. Core courses and graduate electives provide breadth and depth of knowledge to conduct meaningful thesis research.

The Computer Engineering Graduate Seminar (CMPE-795) provides students with exposure to a variety of research topics presented by researchers from within RIT and from throughout the computer engineering field. Students are expected to conduct graduate level thesis research under the supervision of a primary faculty adviser and thesis committee.

Computer engineering, MS degree, typical course sequence (semesters), effective fall 2013

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
CMPE-610 Analytical Topics in Computer Engineering 3
CMPE-630 Digital Integrated Circuit Design 3
CMPE-655 Multiple Processor Systems 3
CMPE-660 Reconfigurable Computing 3
CMPE-795 Graduate Seminar 0
  Graduate Electives 6
Second Year
  Graduate Electives 6
CMPE-795 Graduate Seminar 0
CMPE-790 Thesis 6
Total Semester Credit Hours 30

Thesis research

An important aspect of graduate study is the studentís preparation to lead challenging, state-of-the-art technical projects. To do this effectively, it is essential that students obtain experiences in reviewing related work of others in the field, as well as conducting meaningful independent research under a faculty mentor.

Thesis work begins by selecting a faculty adviser, identifying a topic, forming a committee (which approves the research topic), and submitting a proposal. The thesis topic, formulated by working closely with a faculty adviser, is related to recent technical developments in the field of computer engineering. Upon completion of the research outlined in the thesis proposal, the work is reported in a document submitted to the faculty committee and a thesis defense presentation. A technical paper resulting from the thesis research is submitted to a refereed conference or journal for publication.

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission to the MS program in computer engineering, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Career Outcomes

Job Titles

Computer engineer, hardware design engineer, software design engineer, software engineer, systems consultant


VLSI design, computer interfacing, digital systems design, realtime systems, image processing, software engineering

Recent Employers

Adobe Systems, Eastman Kodak Co., Intel, Harris Corp., Motorola, IBM Corp., SUN Microsystems

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