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Service Leadership and Innovation MS

Program overview

The service leadership and innovation program provides students with the capability to transform their service organizations. Service is no longer a subset of manufacturing era thinking. The program includes core courses, concentration courses, and a comprehensive exam. Students, with permission, may complete a capstone project or thesis in place of the exam. These options require faculty and department chair approval.

Thesis/Capstone/Exam options

All students must complete a thesis, capstone project, or comprehensive exam as a culminating experience allowing for demonstration of competencies for theory and application material for the discipline. Students will be informed by the program adviser and/or program faculty as which option is most appropriate based on career goals and objectives. In the program the default is to complete the comprehensive examination upon completion of required and elective course work. If a student seeks to complete a thesis or capstone project, this alternative strategy is possible if the faculty adviser and department chair agrees with the student in their ability to complete this strategy.


Service leadership and innovation, MS degree, typical course sequence

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
SERQ-700 Research Methods 3
SERQ-702 Graduate Writing Strategies 3
SERQ-710 Evolving Contexts in Service 3
SERQ-720 Service Scenarios and Strategy Development 3
SERQ-722 Customer Centricity  
SERQ-723 Service Analytics 3
SERQ-770 Breakthrough Thinking, Creativity and Innovation 3
Second Year
  Concentration Courses 9
SERQ-795 Comprehensive Exam* 0
SERQ-711 Service Design and Implementation 3
SERQ-794 Integrated Problem Solving 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 36

* Students typically complete the Comprehensive Exam (SERQ-795), Integrated Problemsolving (SERQ-711), and Breakthrough Thinking, Creativity and Innovation (SERQ-770). However, with department approval, students may request to complete a capstone project plus Breakthrough Thinking, Creativity and Innovation (SERQ-770), or a thesis (which requires no additional course work).


CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
Engineering services
SERQ-740 Service Leadership Tools and Techniques 3
Choose two or three of the following:  
   CQAS-682    Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals 3
   ISEE-771    Engineering of Systems I 3
   ISEE-723    Global Facilities Planning 3
Service systems
SERQ-730 Managing Not-For-Profit, Public Sector Projects 3
SERQ-732 Service Quality Process in the Not-For-Profit, Public Sector 3
SERQ-735 Data Mining in Not-For-Profit, Public Sector 3

Students may customize a concentration with the approval of the department. Please note: customized concentrations cannot include additional business related courses.

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission to the MS in service leadership and innovation, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

All required admission materials must be submitted and reviewed by faculty prior to the completion of 9 semester credit hours of graduate course work in the progam.

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