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Professional Studies MS

Program overview

The professional studies program is specifically designed to enable the mature learner to create a customized plan of graduate study tailored to their personal and professional goals. This degree offers students the opportunity to draw on more than 50 graduate programs in order to gain the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to respond successfully to new and emerging career opportunities. The degree also includes a capstone project, a practical, hands-on project directly related to the studentís individualized plan of study. With certain concentrations, the degree may be completed entirely through online learning.


The program requires the completion of 33 semester credit hours and can be completed through full or part-time study. Students begin their program of study with Contexts and Trends (PROF-705), the programís foundation course. Throughout this course students explore their own career objectives and research RITís many graduate programs to identify courses that best match their professional and personal goals. Students create concentrations that make up their course work for the degree program. Each concentration is a selection of courses drawn from existing RIT graduate programs and can range between 9 to 15 semester credit hours. Graduate credits earned in other programs may be used in completing a concentration, upon approval.

Credit hours not required in a studentís concentration areas may be used for electives. All elective and transferred graduate courses need to be integrated into the proposed plan of study.

Required courses

Context and Trends (PROF-705) 

This course introduces students to interdisciplinary thinking, personal self-assessment, problem solving, goal setting, and research techniques using electronic information resources. Students work toward selecting concentrations and finalizing a plan of study for their graduate program.

The Capstone Project (PROF-775)

This course is a supervised, hands-on experience in which students apply the skills and knowledge developed through their individualized plans of study, concluding with oral and written presentations.

Professional studies, MS degree, typical course sequence

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
PROF-705 Context and Trends 3
  Concentration A course 3
  Concentration B course 3
  Concentration A course 3
  Concentration A course 3
  Concentration B course 3
Second Year
  Concentration A or elective course 3
  Concentration A or elective course 3
  Concentration B course 3
  Concentration B or elective course 3
PROF-775 Capstone Project 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 33

Admission requirements

To be considered for the MS program in professional studies, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

All applicants are urged to discuss their plans with the professional studies program adviser before submitting a formal application.

Additional Program Information

Common Concentration Areas:
Here are just a few examples of potentially powerful concentration combinations - fashion your own!
  • Facilities Management & Sustainability - set yourself up to transform a company’s facilities and operations to be more sustainable!
  • Communication & Media Technology & Public Policy - most government organizations and elected officials have communications officers - you could be one of them.
  • Information Sciences & Technologies and Training, Design & Assessment - learn to develop computer-based training programs that you can market for yourself or your employer.
  • Color Science and Print Media - contribute to cutting-edge research in color reproduction and optimization for printing.
  • School Psychology and Secondary Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing - become a specialist in providing psychological services in school settings to individuals who are deaf.
  • Product Development and Project Management - build on engineering skills to move into leadership positions in your organization.

    Admission Requirements

    No GMAT or GRE required!

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