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Mechanical Engineering ME

Program overview

The master of engineering in mechanical engineering is a 30 credit hour degree program. It is intended to be a terminal degree program designed for those who do not expect to pursue a doctoral degree but who wish to become a leader within the mechanical engineering field. This degree is particularly well-suited for students who wish to study part time, for those interested in updating their technical skills, or for those not focused on a research-oriented master of science thesis. A conventional thesis is not required for the program. In its place, students complete a capstone experience, which may be a design project leadership course, a well-organized and carefully chosen industrial internship, or an independent study project. A research methods course may also fulfill the capstone experience; however, this option is primarily intended for students who wish to transition to the MS program in mechanical engineering. (Courses taken within the ME program are transferrable to the MS program.)


In addition to the two required courses, students choose three courses from 10 different focus areas and four elective courses. Up to three courses may be taken outside the mechanical engineering department. Students may complete the program's requirements within one calendar year with summer study. Students may also augment their education through cooperative education employment opportunities. Although co-op is not a requirement of the program, it does give students an opportunity to gain employment experience within the field.

Mechanical engineering, ME degree, typical course sequence

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
MECE-601 Math I For Engineers 3
  Focus Area Courses 9
  Electives 12
MECE-602 Math II For Engineers 3
Choose one of the following: 3
   MECE-730    Design Project Leadership  
   MECE-777    Internship  
   MECE-792    Project with Paper  
   MECE-701    Research Methods  
   MECE-795    Graduate Seminar  
Total Semester Credit Hours 30

Focus areas

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
Automotive systems
Choose three of the following:  
   MECE-623    Powertrain Systems and Design 3
   MECE-624    Vehicle Dynamics 3
   MECE-643    Continuous Control Systems 3
   MECE-710    Fuel Cell Technology 3
   MECE-752    Tribology Fundamentals 3
   MECE-758    Intermediate Engineering Vibrations 3
ACCT-603 Accounting for Decision Makers 3
MGMT-740 Organizational Behavior and Leadership 3
Choose one of the following: 3
   ACCT-706    Cost Management 3
   INTB-730    Cross Cultural Management 3
   MGMT-742    Technology Management 3
   MGMT-761    Managing Research and Innovation 3
MECE-643 Continuous Control Systems 3
MECE-743 Digital Control Systems 3
MECE-744 Nonlinear Control Systems 3
Choose three of the following
ISEE-626 Contemporary Production Systems 3
ISEE-720 Production Control 3
ISEE-740 Design for Manufacture and Assembly 3
ISEE-741 Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 3
ISEE-745 Manufacturing Systems 3
MECE-643 Continuous Control Systems 3
Materials science
MECE-644 Introduction to Composite Materials 3
MECE-746 Engineering Properties of Materials 3
MECE-754 Fundamentals of Fatigue and Fracture 3
Mechanics and design
Choose three of the following:
   MECE-620    Introduction to Optimal Design 3
   MECE-752    Tribology Fundamentals 3
   MECE-754    Fundamentals of Fatigue and Fracture 3
   MECE-785    Mechanics of Solids 3
Product development
Choose three of the following:
   ISEE-750    Systems and Project Management 3
   ISEE-751    Decision Risk/Benefit Analysis 3
   ISEE-771    Engineering Systems I 3
   ISEE-772    Engineering Systems II 3
Choose three of the following:
   ISEE-785    Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering 3
   ISEE-786    Life Cycle Assessment 3
   ISEE-787    Design for the Environment 3
   MECE-710    Fuel Cell Technology 3
   MECE-629    Renewable Energy Systems 3
   MECE-733    Sustainable Energy Management 3
   MECE-739    Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency 3
Thermo/Fluids engineering
Choose three of the following:
   MECE-656    Applied Biotransport 3
   MECE-731    Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
   MECE-738    Ideal Flows 3
   MECE-751    Convective Phenomena 3
Vibrations engineering
EEEE-678 Digital Signal Processing 3
MECE-658 Introduction to Engineering Vibrations 3
MECE-758 Intermediate Engineering Vibrations 3

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission to the ME program in mechanical engineering, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Career Outcomes

Recent Employers

Ariel Corporation, Bausch & Lomb, Boeing, Borg Warner Morse TEC, Constellation Energy, Cummins Engine, Delphi, Fisher Price, General Dynamics, Getinge, Hamilton Sundstrand, Harris RF, Honda R&D, Impact Technologies, ITT, Johnson & Johnson, Lighting Services, Lockheed Martin, Lord Corporation, Moog, NASA, Parker Hannifin, PPC, Precision Castparts (PCC), Special Metals Corp, The Raymond Corporation, Toyota, Vicor, Wegmans Food Markets, Welch Allyn, Xerox,

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