RIT Application for Graduate Study - Summer/Fall 2018

We are presently converting to a new online application system which, when operational, will take applications for start terms beginning with the Summer 2018 semester. During this time of transition, applications for the Summer and Fall 2018 semesters must be submitted using this web form. USE THIS APPLICATION FORM ONLY IF YOUR DESIRED START TERM IS SUMMER OR FALL 2018. If your desired start term is Spring 2018, please use the Spring 2018 application form.

If you wish to send supporting documents, you may email them to gradinfo@rit.edu—be sure to include your full name as you applied so we can match them to your application. Once you submit this form, please give us a week or so to load your application into our system. You will receive an email acknowledgement once your application is on our system. Thank you.

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Scholarships and Assistantships

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(Please visit our website, www.rit.edu/grad, for assistantship information.)

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Applicant Status

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Indicate the date you took or will take any required admission tests (see our website, www.rit.edu/grad, to determine if any admission test is required for your program). Please note: For verification purposes, test scores must be sent by the testing agency directly to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services at RIT.

Test Type (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, MAT) Test Score (if known) Test Date or Anticipated Test Date

Work Experience / Personal Data

You may forward a résumé or curriculum vitae to gradinfo@rit.edu or forward it along with other application materials. In your résumé or curriculum vitae, please describe your full-time, part-time, and summer employment (include military service). Include your academic honors, published works, and leadership roles. List any academic, artistic, professional, military, or community activities you consider significant to your proposed graduate study.

Personal Statement of Educational Objectives

You may forward a personal statement describing your educational objectives to gradinfo@rit.edu, or forward it along with your other application materials. You may wish to address: (1) why you are applying for your chosen degree program, (2) what you hope to achieve through your education, (3) how your degree program will relate to your long-range career objectives, (4) what personal or “non-academic” qualities you will contribute to the learning environment in your program, (5) what (if any) prior experience you have with respect to your chosen program, and (6) specifically why you want to attend RIT.

Personal Conduct

Have you ever been subjected to disciplinary action by any school, college, university, or branch of the military (If yes, briefly explain below.) * Yes    No   
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Optional Information

The following questions are optional. Refusal to provide this information will not affect decisions related to graduate admission, scholarship or assistantship awards, or financial aid. Any information provided will remain confidential.

If you wish to be identified with a particular ethnic or racial group, please indicate how you would describe yourself: African American, Black    American Indian, Alaskan Native   
Hispanic, Latino    Asian, Pacific Islander    White, Caucasian   
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How did you first learn about RIT’s graduate programs? (website, e-mail, brochure, etc.)

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When you submit this completed form, it is considered a complete full application and you should not complete another application online.  Doing so creates duplicates that could cause a delay in processing your application.