Graduate Study Research and Projects

As RIT transforms into an innovation university, research is becoming an integral part of the learning experience. As a result, you’ll have abundant opportunities to be involved in and contribute to meaningful research and to interact with leaders in your field on campus and around the country.

Three key research programs are offered by RIT—research services, corporate research and development and sponsored research.

The Research Services program includes short-term research projects involving evaluation or analysis, conducted by undergraduates with supervision of faculty or staff. Intellectual property in these projects is not anticipated. The Printing Applications Laboratory in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences is working with substrate suppliers, under Research Services agreements, to evaluate the performance of different types of media on HP Indigo printing technology.

In the Corporate R&D program, research projects address a specific company problem and typically involve master’s students working directly with the company with mentoring from faculty. Under these agreements the company owns the intellectual property, but RIT retains the right to publish and present the research findings. For example, Kathleen Lamkin-Kennard, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and two mechanical engineering students are working with Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinical Diagnostics on a Corporate R&D project to develop a modular simulation platform to better simulate antibody/antigen reactions.

Sponsored Research addresses long-term research goals, which advance a specific field or technology and usually involve Ph.D. students working with faculty. All intellectual property developed through the research is owned by RIT and licensed to the sponsor. For the past five years, Karl Hirschman, Micron Professor of Microelectronic Engineering, and a team of graduate students have been conducting a sponsored research project with Corning Inc. to advance the development of silicon-on-glass technology for use in flat-panel displays.

Research at RIT is often inter-disciplinary, giving faculty, staff and students the chance to work with their colleagues in one or more of RIT’s eight colleges. This provides students greater exposure to other disciplines and experience working in a collaborative approach often preferred by business and industry.

In addition to research, RIT’s graduate students also participate in projects pertaining to their academic studies.

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Research Centers and Labs

As a growing research University, RIT has 50 research centers supporting applied research, consulting and innovation.

research mag coverImaging Science

Microsystems Engineering

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology

Access and Learning Technologies

Printing and Graphic Media

Computing and Information Sciences

Sustainable Systems

Multidisciplinary Research and Training Centers

The Institute’s research structure, partnerships, opportunities, current projects and publications are described on the main research web site at

Research at RIT

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