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International Students

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International Partnerships

Croatia: American College of Management and Technology (ACMT)

RIT Graduate Study: Application Process and Tuition Support: Students with bachelor's degree's can apply directly to graduate programs at RIT. Students from ACMT will be able to complete graduate degree coursework in 3-6 quarters, depending on the program they study and their academic background and preparation.RIT works with these students to assist them through the application process and ensure consideration for financial support.

Contact: Diane Ellison

Director of Graduate Enrollment Services

Voice: (585) 475-2229


Turkey: Yeditepe University in Istanbul

Joint Master's Degree in engineering management: The program is structured so that students from Turkey take six classes taught by RIT professors, delivered during two consecutive summer sessions. During the first summer, RIT faculty will travel to Istanbul to offer three courses. During the second summer, Yeditepe students will travel to Rochester to complete three additional courses. Each summer course will be offered as an intensive two-week session. The remaining six courses will be taught at Yeditepe during the winter and spring semesters by faculty from Yeditepe who have been approved as adjunct faculty for RIT.

Kosovo: American University in Kosovo

Coursework/ Exchange Programs: Auk is another RIT-operated educational institution in Eastern Europe. Coursework in service management, multidisciplinary studies, business development, economics, marketing, American history, science and writing are instructed. Credits, recognized as from both AUK and RIT, can be earned on site and online.

India: Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Information Technology Courses: Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) and RIT set up an applied research centre in Bangalore, India to offer professionals in the semiconductor industry avanced skills in high end areas of the industry. The BITS-RIT Apex lab, (for Applied Research and Professional Excellence) offers short term and long term courses for IT professionals in the semiconductor space.

Dominican Republic: