Corporate Sponsored Learning

RIT has a long history of partnership with business and industry and has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence. We offer more than 1,800 evening, weekend, and online courses each year, and our academic portfolio addresses the current and future requirements of business and industry. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as you assist employees interested in continuing their education at RIT. Click on any section below for more information on available services.

Executive Education

RIT is ready to meet your company's educational needs. Online? Onsite? Wherever you are, RIT education is there. Meeting your educational goals for the workforce of

Undergraduate • Graduate • Courses • Certificates • Degrees • Custom Solutions

Your company and its workforce are unique. Shouldn’t your educational partner be, too? RIT’s clients include worldwide companies, Fortune 500 firms, local organizations, and anyone who understands the value of education and its role in the most efficient businesses. With solutions ranging from single or series courses to short-term certificates (4-6 classes) to full degrees, let RIT meet your needs.

RIT offers more than 80 graduate programs in the following areas:

Business • Engineering • Sustainability • Computing • Science • Mathematics • Art, Design, and Photography

Click here for a full list of our Graduate programs.

Corporate Partners

Rochester Regional Health


The RIT & Rochester Regional Health Alliance is dedicated to innovation in medical care, education, and research for the betterment of individuals in our institutions and the greater community. Qualified Rochester Regional Health employees and their dependents are eligible to receive a tuition discount from RIT. To apply or for more information on the Rochester Regional benefit, please review the following web site:

Rochester Regional Health benefits-eligible employees enrolled in an RIT Online program or course are eligible to receive 50% off the published standard RIT tuition rate. The Rochester Regional tuition discount cannot be applied to the RIT Online tuition rate, or any other discounted rate at RIT, nor can it be combined with any other RIT discounts or scholarships.

Customized Education

Corporate Education = Knowledge...on your terms

Your company is unique - we can help you build a customized program tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Our short-term program can help your employees acquire the skills & education needed in as little as nine months. We offer a fully customizable program that includes:

4+ courses

Fully online or on-campus course options

Classes from 2 to 3 areas of emphasis, including:

  • Engineering (Systems, Lean, Manufacturing, Microelectronics)
  • Business (Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Supply Chain)
  • Innovation Management
  • Statistics / Quality
  • Environmental, Health, & Safety Management (EHS)
  • Imaging Science
  • Telecommunications
  • Computing (Computer Science, Computing Security, Information Technology, Networking Systems Administration)
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Service Leadership
  • Manufacturing Leadership
  • Product Development

Choose the area of concentration that you feel best meets your company’s educational needs, and we will help you with the course selection process.

EXAMPLES: A worldwide manufacturing company cross-training their engineering workforce chose the following course package:

  • 2 Project Management courses
  • 2 Environmental Management courses
  • 2 Manufacturing Leadership courses

A leading aerospace company sought cross-functional skills for technical managers. Their program looked like this:

  • 1 Networking course
  • 2 Business courses
  • 3 Systems Engineering courses

Course selection, schedule and delivery methods may vary.

Contact us for more information.

Talent Acquisition & Management

Career fairs ● Campus recruiting ● Experiential Education ● Full Time Hire

Career Fairs

RIT hosts semi-annual career fairs that draw hundreds of employers and students alike.  This is a must-attend event if you are looking to hire our students for co-op and/or full time positions.

Campus Recruiting

To complement our career fair calendar, we offer a number of dates for campus recruiting.  From career fair wraparound dates to individual interview/presentation days, look to RIT to help you achieve your workforce development goals.

Experiential Education

At RIT the connection between brilliance in the classroom and professional excellence at the work site begins through experiential education. RIT has a host of programs that connect students with business and industry including co-op assignments, internships, field placements, and special class projects.   Approximately 3,500 students complete at least one co-op assignment each year and are employed by more than 1,900 employers coast to coast and overseas.  RIT is one of the largest and best-recognized co-op schools, recently ranking in Princeton Review’s Top 20 colleges nationwide for experiential education.

Full Time Hire

Our annual graduating class boasts several thousand students available for full time hire.  Often, employers will invite a co-op student aboard for a full time position upon graduation because a positive working relationship has already been established.

Alumni Career Counseling

RIT’s career services are available for life for our alumni.  Recently, we have assisted many of our alumni who have been displaced for economic reasons by hosting sessions geared toward refreshing their job search skills and resources in the current marketplace. 

For a complete list of programs and services, please visit the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education website

Workshops / Seminars

RIT also has a number of training centers on campus offering workshops, industry-specific seminars, and training. Check out the many ways that RIT can meet your needs.


Interested in OSHA training? RIT offers hands-on programs that are designed to promote safety in the workplace and reduce the cost to society associated with accidents and unhealthy work environments. Learn more.

Lean Six Sigma and Performance Improvement

Is your company looking to improve quality and productivity? The Center for Quality and Applied Statistics offers consulting, seminars and training, classes and certificates to help you and your organization apply statistical methods and decision sciences to product and process improvement. RIT provides training programs to help your company move towards these goals. Learn more.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Are you looking for innovative solutions to help your organization meet manufacturing objectives and leverage sustainability? RIT’s Center for Integrated Manufacturing (CIMS) offers training programs, applied research, and consulting to help industry develop and deploy new technologies to support more efficient and sustainable products and processes. Learn more.

Printing Applications Laboratory

Whether you want to enhance your production skills, get up to speed with the latest technologies, or prepare your company for success in today's emerging markets, RIT’s experts in the Printing Applications Laboratory offer you and your organization solutions for the printing and imaging industries. Learn more.

Business Management

If you lead a small business or are seeking acquisition of a specific business skill in under three months, RIT’s E. Saunders College of Business offers training on several focused topics. Learn more.

Leadership Development Program

Are you initiating a Leadership Development Program within your company, or revamping your current program?

Investing in the future leaders of your company will not only aid in organization growth, but adds to the personal and professional development of your employees. RIT’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed for team members who stand out above the rest; individuals with the ability to lead and manage who want to enhance their skills with specialized education. We can help you build a customized program that combines leadership topics along with content specific to your company’s needs.

Our short-term program consists of 6 courses and can be completed in as little as nine months on campus, online or a combination of delivery methods. Course selection will vary per company. Options include the following:

Leadership Course Examples

  • Organizational Behaviour & Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Human Performance Management Practices
  • Strategic Management of Technology Innovation
  • Human Resources Management

Concentration Areas

  • Statistics / Quality
  • Environmental, Health, & Safety Management (EHS)
  • Facility Management
  • Imaging Science
  • Engineering (Systems, Manufacturing, Lean, Microelectronics)
  • Business / Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Service Leadership
  • Manufacturing Leadership
  • Computing (Networking Systems Administration, Information Security)
  • Product Development

Customize Your LDP

  • 4 business courses + 2 concentration courses, or
  • 3 business courses + 3 concentration courses, or
  • 6 business courses

Course selection, schedule and delivery methods may vary. Contact us for more information.

Tuition Deferment / Payment Options

Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan (ESTP)


Firms offering $5,250 or more in annual tuition assistance may qualify for the Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan. RIT extends a full-semester deferment to students from participating firms. Students must obtain official verification of their eligibility from their Tuition Aid Administrator, and must be in good financial standing from previous semesters.

Click here for a list of RIT ESTP companies and their codes.