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Fine Arts Studio MFA

Program overview

The MFA program in fine arts studio offers intensive study in painting, printmaking, sculpture, new forms, and related media, leading to mastery in the fine arts on a professional level. Students explore advanced techniques in painting, sculpture, new forms, and non-toxic printmaking. These may be pursued singly and combined, or brought together with nontraditional media to create new forms. Faculty guidance focuses upon research strategies that support sequential studio production, leading to individual solutions.

Critical discussion is developed from the traditions of fine art and contemporary directions in our culture. These contemporary and historical concepts stimulate and provoke the development of an individual approach to expression. Along with engaging in critical dialogues, students progress toward the production of a body of work and a report for the master’s thesis.

Gallery r, an art gallery in downtown Rochester operated by School of Art students, helps solidify the learning experience by bringing the work of students to the greater Rochester community.


Fine arts studio, MFA degree, typical course sequence

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
  Fine Art Studio Major Courses 15
ARTH-601 Forms of Inquiry 3
ARTH-605 Thinking About Making 3
FNAS-702 Fine Art Research 3
  Art History Course 3
  Open Elective 3
  Studio Elective 3
Second Year
  Fine Art Studio Major Courses 9
FNAS-606 Business Practices 3
FNAS-890 Research and Thesis 10
  Studio Elective 3
  Open Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 61

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