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Business Administration–Executive MBA

Program overview

The executive MBA is an integrated, 15-month, cohort-based program designed to develop future leaders and general managers in organizations serious about improving customer satisfaction, product quality, and organizational success.

A team of faculty and executives from all sectors of business and industry designed the program for professionals with substantial career experience. Through the use of practical approaches to improving business results and increasing personal productivity, participants will:

  • strengthen their leadership and interactive skills by collaborating with teams of professional peers and faculty;
  • develop strategic perspectives consistent with the needs of customers, stockholders, employees, the community, and other organizational stakeholders;
  • apply cross-functional approaches to enhance their analytical and decision-making capabilities; and
  • obtain a solid foundation in the functional areas of business.

Students must have a minimum of six years of professional work experience. Participants work in teams, studying a curriculum that focuses on developing general management skills with a strategic focus. The program is structured in an interactive fashion, with an emphasis on cross-functional integration.


The program consists of 15 months of alternating weekends (all day Fridays and Saturdays), two one-week on-campus sessions, and a one-week international study trip.

The curriculum focuses on core business concepts, providing fundamental skills, knowledge, and perspectives in accounting, statistics, leadership, finance, and economics. The program develops skills in cross-functional analysis with an emphasis on strategy, marketing, technology, and international business. Interdisciplinary examples, case analyses, and an applied orientation are key components of the program.

The program features practical experience obtained through capstone consulting projects; ongoing support for career-oriented skills such as career development planning, communications, and team building; the application of a cross-functional business simulation model; and a week-long international business trip.

Executive MBA degree, typical course sequence

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
MGMT-806 Team Building and Ethics (August) 1
ACCT-801 Accounting and Organizational Goals 2
ACCT-802 Managerial Accounting 2
DECS-810 Statistical Analysis for Managers 2
MGMT-810 Leadership 2
MGMT-800 Leadership Development I 1
ESCB-840 Microeconomics and Pricing 2
MGMT-804 Critical Thinking for Decision Makers 2
FINC-845 Valuation and Capital Budgeting 2
FINC-846 Financial Planning and Analysis 2
MGMT-862 Power and Influence 2
MKTG-851 Marketing Strategy 2
MGMT-818 Strategic Thinking I 2
MGMT-819 Strategic Thinking II  2
DECS-875 Business Simulation (summer) 2
MGMT-861 Managing Technology, Innovation and Research (summer) 2
MKTG-865 Managing New Product Commercialization (summer) 2
DECS-864 Systems Support for Operations (summer) 2
MGMT-889 Capstone Consulting Project I (summer) 3
MGMT-801 Leadership Development II (summer) 1
Second Year
INTB-820 International Business 2
INTB-825 International Study Seminar 2
FINC-850 International Finance 2
MGMT-860 Executive Leadership 2
MGMT-890 Capstone Consulting Project II 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 49

Admission requirements

To be considered for admission to the executive MBA program, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of six years of professional work experience,
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university,
  • Submit official transcripts (in English) of all previously completed undergraduate and graduate course work,
  • Participate in an interview with a representative of the executive MBA team, and
  • Complete a graduate application.
  • International applicants, whose native language is not English, must submit the scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Additional information


Employers sponsoring students must permit candidates to attend scheduled classes, the on-campus sessions, and the international trip. The program's week-long sessions occur in the summer and spring, and the international trip takes place in the student’s final semester. Business owners or individuals may sponsor themselves.

Career Outcomes

Job Titles

Senior Financial Analyst, IS Manager, Project Manager, Quality Supervisor, Senior Accountant, Risk Analyst, Business Analyst


Financial and budget analysis, auditing, financial planning, investment and securities, market research, information systems management, project planning and technical specialist

Recent Employers

Xerox, Merck & Company Inc., First Empire/M&T Bank, Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Kodak Co.

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