New Employer Information

New Hires

These are students that have never held a position on campus before and are new to working on campus at RIT.

  • After an offer of employment has been made to a student who has never worked on-campus, complete the employment Verifcation Form for the student to bring to the Student Employment Office. The student will also be required to complete the online I-9 Verification process. See the following link to complete the online verification process.

  • Students will also be required to be registered with full-time status for the semester they are to work or provide proff of full-time registration status (i.e. Full-Time Equivalency Form).

  • Do not forget the Wage Theft Prevention Act form which has to be completed by the supervisor for all student workers who have never previously worked at RIT.

    • Refer to News & Announcements for more information. The NYS Form is available at the Employer Resources.

    • Hire paperwork for new hires sent without the Wage Theft Prevention Act Forms will be returned.

Oracle & Kronos

  • SEO does not have access to Kronos and can only verify if the SEO hire paperwork has been processed for Oracle only.

  • All questions for Kronos should be directed to Sean Cartwright, ext. 2819 or Kitty Stappenbeck, ext. 5580.

  • Fall semester is the busiest time of the year for us and our primary objective is to process all the paperwork in a timely fashion before the Payroll Pay Period End Dates.

  • Please be patient with us if you cannot see your student(s) in Kronos immediately - we will process correct hire/rehire paperwork as fast as we can! Only contact us if you believe the paperwork was filled out incorrectly with wrong start dates, etc.


  • If you need to terminate a large number of students to "clean out" your Kronos, contact us for an Oracle report.

  • Once you have received the Oracle report, put a "T" next to the student you want to terminate.

  • Include the end date you wish to terminate the students - use the Payroll Pay Period End Dates.

  • Send the reports to us in the interdepartmental mail - do not fax the reports.

  • If a terminated student had a student employee computer account through ITS, contact ITS to verify that the computer account has been terminated.