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Comp Sci Curriculum Designer for Grades K-12

Company Name:



South Winton Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Hours a Week10-20HoursFlexible
Start Date1/19/2015Post Date1/6/2015

Job Description

Position Summary:
Looking to afford Computer Science senior undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to help in the design and development of Computer Science curriculum for kids in grades K through 12. iCodeKids mission is to encourage and promote children's early literacy in Computer Science and significantly develop their programming skills at an early age to prepare them for their future. iCodeKids is uniquely specialized in teaching kids Computer Science as part of an after school program that offers programming focused courses in both instructor-led and self-paced formats.

Position Requirements:
Reply with resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, include detail about your application programming experiences, competency and availability.
Essential Job Functions: Develop brand new Computer Science curriculum and learning content for K-12; Improve, challenge and update existing learning content; Create, test, and deploy training environments; Improve and update curriculum design methodologies; Document standardized teaching methods and processes for learning content; Develop ways in which student work products, performance and progress can be rated, assessed and evaluated; Develop different learning styles to keep materials interesting to motivate students; Ability to work in a team environment and ability to professionally and collaboratively interact with other curriculum developers; Assess and deploy learning content delivery methods.
Preferred Qualifications: Solid software development skills with experience in building software; A passion for taking innovative ideas and turning them into reality; Familiarity with Blockly, Google’s Web-based visual programming editor; Good understanding of the Web and Mobile app technology stack (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS). Native Mobile iOS/Android is a plus; Previous teaching experience or other experience working with students.

To Apply Contact:Farah Sammour