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Math Tutor

Company Name:

Sarphatie Education, Inc.


2000 Winton Rd South, Ste. 4A
Rochester, NY 14618
Hours a Week5-7HoursFlexible
Start DateASAPPost Date10/27/2016

Job Description

Gain business experience. Make money off of what you already know. Tutors work one-on-one with high school students, preparing students for competency in Math. Tutors should have the ability to communicate concepts that students have had trouble understanding in the past. As the tutors will be employed by a private firm, a consulting agency, they should also expect to manage their accounts - their clients. Tutors are responsible for calling clients, making appointments, and notifying the office. Tutors will also make concise reports of their progress with each student. ***Please apply by emailing the address provided.*** Applicants are asked to be in a related program of study and have at least third-year student status. Past experiences as a tutor is taken into consideration, but more important is the ability to prepare students for SAT subject tests in Math, ACT Math, New York State high school course material and entry-level college material. Engaging personality, the ability to work autonomously, and availability and qualities that enable tutors to meet company and client expectations. All applicants must have both reliable transportation to/from tutoring site, and the ability to handle confidential information. We expect a minimum eight-week commitment. In addition, because you will be working with high school students, you must have some afternoon and evening (2:30pm-8pm) availability Monday through Thursday. While it is not required that you are available every day from Monday through Thursday, a minimum of two is required.

To Apply Contact:Jacque Trama