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SI Leader

Hours a Week10HoursVaries
Start Date8/21/16Post Date6/10/2016


Position Summary

SI Leaders are model undergraduate students, who plan and facilitate two weekly peer-led study sessions for students enrolled in a supported section of a historically difficult course. TO APPLY, CANDIDATES MUST COMPLETE A WRITTEN APPLICATION, WHICH CAN BE FOUND AT: to

Essential Functions

Attend all class meetings for the assigned course section; Plan and facilitate two weekly study sessions; Maintain attendance records for each session; Attend weekly SI Leader training; Communicate clearly with the SI Supervisor and course faculty regarding session plans and student progress. A typical work week involves: 4 to 8 hours attending class; 1 hour for planning sessions; 2 hours facilitating SI sessions; 1 hour for SI Leader training

Skills Required

SI Leaders are undergraduate students who have excellent listening, administrative and organizational skills, a proven track record of outstanding class attendance and performance, and the ability to communicate effectively with peers, staff, and faculty.

To Apply Contact:Wendy Gilmore
PhoneNot AvailableTTYNot Available
Emailsi@rit.eduDepartmentSI Program, ASC
Job Number369510