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Intramural Officials

Wage$9.00DaysMon-Thurs; Sun
Hours a Week10HoursSee Position Summary
Start Date8/21/16Post Date8/4/2016


Position Summary

Work Hours Weekday evenings 7-11:30pm; Sundays 12-11:30pm (sport-dependent)

Essential Functions

Pick up and supervise use of game and field equipment. Fairly apply rules and regulations to all contests. Attend all clinics and meetings conducted by the Intramural Department for the training of officials. Must take and pass a test on officiating/department rules and regulations. Soccer, softball, basketball, football - any or all. WORKING HOURS: Mostly Sunday evenings. Varies due to weather. SECONDARY CONTACT: Daryl Sullivan 475-5596

Skills Required

Experience in officiating; sign language.

To Apply Contact:Brennan Coon
EmailNot AvailableDepartmentCenter For Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation
Job Number311201