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Classroom Aide

Hours a Week3-20HoursSee Summary
Start Date8/22/16Post Date5/5/2016


Position Summary

Classroom Aides are responsible for assisting the teachers at our child care center. Students are generally assigned to a particular room and age group but are required to work in any classroom that needs help during their shift.
Work Hours: Morning Shifts 8:00-9:30 or 8:30-10:00, Afternoon Shifts 1:00 to Ratio

Essential Functions

Assist in the supervision of children during daily activities such as indoor free play, outdoor play, clean-up, and/or group lessons. Assist in the supervision of children during daily routines such as hand washing, toileting, meals, snacks and nap time. Assist in the daily maintenance of classrooms (and the center in general) with tasks such as sweeping, washing dishes, and cleaning and sanitizing toys and equipment.

Skills Required

Classroom Aides must love children and are required to be punctual, patient, and flexible. They must have the ability to follow directions and take the initiative to become involved with the children. In order to be considered for this position, students must 1) fill out an application, 2) provide a copy of their class schedule, 3) and submit a current resume. If hired, students must 1) provide 3 letters of reference (professional or personal), 2) get a TB test or have documentation of a TB test, 3) have a signed Medical Statement (form provided), and 4) get fingerprinted for a background check (form also provided).

Skills Preferred

Preferred skills include: experience with children, knowledge of child development, sign language skills, and CPR/First Aid Training.

To Apply Contact:Deanna LaManna
Phone475-5176TTYNot Available
Emailrxdhcc@rit.eduDepartmentMargaret's House
Job Number230201