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Database Administrator

Hours a Week10-20HoursFlexible (8am-5pm)
Start DateASAPPost Date10/15/2014


Position Summary

The Database Administrator in charge of maintaining the Sponsored Programs Accounting Billing and Financial Reporting database and responding to any additional requests for new database functionality. Requests could include but are not limited to the creation of additional queries, forms or reports.

Essential Functions

Support the Billing and Financial Reporting Database and respond to client requests for additional functionality. Understand and implement the requirements for a diverse group of clients. Monitor the growth and health of the database as additional users and functionality are added. Support the Sponsored Programs Accounting Wiki website.

Skills Required

Strong interpersonal and technical skills as well as experience with Microsoft Access and SQL server. MIS or IT Majors with Business Process Orientation experience.

Skills Preferred

Skilled in Visual Basic and SQL with an understanding of basic business and accounting practices.

To Apply Contact:Kathi Lynch
PhoneNot AvailableTTYNot Available
Emailkalspa@rit.eduDepartmentController Sponsored Programs Accounting
Job Number154503

Center for Detectors Lab Assistant

Hours a Week15-20HoursFlexible
Start DateASAPPost Date9/23/2014


Position Summary

TO APPLY, SEE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS IN "REQUIRED SKILLS" SECTION. Will ONLY consider third-year, or later, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher. The successful applicant must be a U.S. Person as defined by 8 USC 1324b(a)(3), or have the ability to obtain the appropriate license to comply with the US Export Control Laws. The Lab Assistant will assist personnel by performing lab tasks, e.g. engineering, cabling, soldering, writing software, etc.

For a description of the lab, see

The Center for Detectors designs, develops, and implements new advanced sensor technologies through partnership with academic researchers, industry engineers, government scientists, and university/college students. Currently, the Center has approximately a dozen funded projects funded by a range of sponsors, including NASA and NSF. The detectors that are being developed in the Center cover an immense range of diverse applications, including astrophysics, biomedical imaging, Earth system science, and inter-planetary space travel.

Essential Functions

Completing lab tasks on schedule, soldering circuits, designing cables, writing software, ordering lab components, mailing packages.

Skills Required

High level of personal responsibility. Excellent mastery of Microsoft Word, excel and PowerPoint. Superb email etiquette. Excellent verbal communication skills, especially on the phone. Ability to assist others. A technical background is required, preferably in any of the following areas: VHDL/Verilog, C/C++, and IDL programming. Experience with PCB schematic capture and layout, and proficient circuit analysis skills would be strongly preferred. Must be proficient in using standard electronic lab equipment: oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, spectrum analyzer, etc.


To apply, send an email to and use "CfD Lab Assistant" in the subject line with the following attached: a resume, unofficial transcripts, and three names of professional references.
Also, Please include in the email confirmation that you are a U.S. Person as defined by 8 USC 1324b(a)(3), or have the ability to obtain the appropriate license to comply with the US Export Control Laws.

To Apply Contact:Don Figer
PhoneNot AvailableTTYNot Available
Emailadmin@cfd.rit.eduDepartmentCenter for Detectors
Job Number670522