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Updated: December 19th, 2017

Oracle Student Self-Service for RIT Student Workers

Did you know that you can access your pay stub and other valuable payroll information on-line via the Oracle Student Self-Service application? Registration is easy. Just follow the step-by-step directions at

Be sure to sure to use your RIT DCE username. Your employee number will be the first five digits of your Kronos badge number.

Need help? Contact the ITS HelpDesk at 475-4357 for assistance.

Wage Theft Prevention Act

Employers are required to obtain a signed and dated written acknowledgement whenever a student who has never worked as a student worker on the RIT campus is hired by your department. Employers do not need to obtain this form from students who have previously worked on-campus.

New York State has developed three new forms; Notice for Hourly Rate Employees, Notice for Multiple Rate Employees, and Notice for Exempt Employees. In addition to a new form format, you will notice several additional items, some of which do not apply. The acknowledgement must also include an affirmation that the employee accurately identified his/her primary language to the employer and that the notice provided by the employer was in the language identified. At this time, New York State has only provided the forms in English. You will be notified of the changes or new forms as they are made available.

Student employees may also need to fill out the forms listed below. These forms are provided for your reference. All student inquiries regarding these forms should be directed to Payroll, 475-2381, Eastman Building, first floor.

Notice and Acknowledgement of Pay Rate and Payday:

This form will be used for the majority, if not all, of your student workers. This form is to be used for new student workers who work one job in your department. All items must be answered.

Notice for Multiple Hourly Rate Employees:

This form is to be used for new student workers who are being hired into multiple jobs at different pay rates within the same department. Item '4 - Allowances Taken' does not need to be answered.

Notice for Exempt Employee:

This form will be used for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA's) only. Employers may disregard item '7 - Overtime Pay Rate'. You may leave these two items blank.

Once the appropriate form is completed and signed, a copy must be given to the student and the original must be attached to the SEO Hire Form and sent to Student Employment where the forms will be kept for six years. There will be changes to this process as New York State makes more information available. In the meanwhile, your cooperation with the process outlined above will be greatly appreciated.

This notice must be given to employees on an official form from the New York State Department of Labor at the time of hiring, before they do any work. The employer must complete the form and have the employee sign a statement of acknowledgement of the written notice and keep the signed statement for 6 years.

Student Employment Procedures

Paperwork Submission:

To ensure that we receive the paperwork in its entirety, we are asking that you have the paperwork hand delivered or put it into the interoffice mail. We do not accept any employment paperwork via fax or email, unless specifically requested by a member of the SEO staff.

Send Backs:

To avoid having student employment paperwork returned to you, please follow these few simple steps.

  1. Check to see if the student has the 2016/2017 Employment Eligibility Card with registration verification for the current semester. If the student does not have an Employment Eligibility Card, do not send the paperwork to us.

  2. Make sure that the SEO forms are complete prior to sending them to us. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.

  3. Be sure to include the NYS Acknowledgement Form with the hire paperwork for new hires (they are not necessary for rehires) and complete the form in its entirety, including the overtime rate for hourly wages (the over-time rate is required for all students). The overtime rate is 1.5 times the hourly rate.