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Laboratory Assistant / Research Assistant

Hours a Week10-20Hours8-5
Start DateASAPPost Date4/1/2015


Position Summary

Responsible for maintaining laboratory equipment including 3d printers, a 3d scanner, a materials inkjet printer, and a 3d optical microscope. Conduct functional printing related research under the guidance of the Cary Professor. This is a 10 to 20 hour position, which can be expended to 1 to 2 years including co-op possibility for the summer for a research project.

Essential Functions

Become knowledgeable and skilled to operate all lab equipment. Perform maintenance when necessary. Participate in developing and designing test objects with 3D CAD software. Generate printable files through proper file preparation. Assist in designing and conducting experiments. Be able to organize and analyze image based data.

Non-Essential Function

Participate in weekly meetings on project progress with colleagues and the principal investigator. Participate in literature reviews and group discussions. Machining and build simple apparatus when needed.

Skills Required

Strong technical and critical thinking skills; Some experience with 3D CAD software is desired; Some knowledge with MatLab is desired; Communication skills are essential, both written and verbal; Ability to work independently in laboratory and collaborate with peers

Skills Preferred

Majors in mechanical, electrical, physics, or related field. Open to current undergraduate juniors or sophomores, or first-year graduate students in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, the College of Applied Science and Technology, or the College of Science.

To Apply Contact:Lauren Purvis
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Emaillacpgd@rit.eduDepartmentSchool Of Media Sciences
Job Number667513