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Wage$8.75DaysMon - Fri
Hours a WeekVariesHoursVaries
Start DateIMMEDIATEPost Date3/4/2015


Position Summary

Notetakers are hired by the Access Services to take notes for hearing impaired students. Currently looking to fulfill positions for the following courses: Foundations of Algebra Need to know ASL NMTH-180-02 MW, 2:00: PM - 2:50: PM, Room: 060-1470 Instructor: Patricia Wink Intro to PC Hardware Need to know ASL NACT-150-02 TR, 11:00: AM - 12:50: PM, Room: 014-1335 Instructor: Werner Zorn Supervision Exercised: Indirect supervision occurs through feedback from the deaf students for whom the notes are provided, and ongoing review of the notes submitted which are on file in the support department office. Problem situations are immediately dealt with and resolved. Evaluation sessions are scheduled regularly.

Essential Functions

Take notes for hearing impaired students. Record quality notes that accurately reflect class lectures and discussions. Accept assignments to classes for which they possess skill and expertise. Attend assigned classes for the entire quarter. Follow the administrative requirements of the support department.

Skills Required

Complete the 4-hour NTID note taker training program. Possess accurate spelling and a good command of English grammar. Possess a 3.0 GPA. Possess legible handwriting. Employ good note taking skills.

To Apply Contact:Sheila Ryan
Emailsmrdisa@rit.eduDepartmentNTID Support
Job Number471403