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Dish Room Attendant

Hours a Week20Hours8am-10pm
Start Date4/20/16Post Date4/20/2016


Position Summary

Washing dishes, glassware, utensils, pots, pans, and other cookware. Assist in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the dish room. Transferring cleaned supplies to storage location within the kitchen and storage rooms.

Skills Required

Work independently, dependable, ability to finish tasks in a timely manner. Ability to follow directions and learn use of the dish machine. Knowledge of good sanitation practices.

To Apply Contact:Eric Fox
PhoneNot AvailableTTYNot Available
Emailemffsc@rit.eduDepartmentBrick City Catering
Job Number241207

Student Worker

Hours a WeekVariesHoursVaries
Start DateImmediatelyPost Date4/8/2016


Position Summary

The Cantina is a fast paced work in a friendly environment. The Cantina is hiring in various positions in the restaurant. Positions to include: food preparation, production and service. Dining Room Attendant, Dishwasher and Cashier.

Essential Functions

Food preparation: cutting, dicing, slicing etc of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. Production and Serving: Producing customers food in front of them in an efficient, courteous manner. Dining Room Attendant: The cleaning of tables and beverage counters. Floor sweeping and trash removal. Filling napkins, cups, plastic ware, etc. in beverage area. Dishwasher: cleaning and proper storage of all dishes. Assist with dining room duties. All to be done in a safe and sanitary manner.

Skills Required

Excellent customer service. Ability to follow directions. Ability to follow a recipe. Ability to work with others as well as independently.

Skills Preferred

Prior food service experience is helpful.

To Apply Contact:Beth Sutherland/Tracey Courtwright
PhoneNot AvailableTTYNot Available
Emailcantina@rit.eduDepartmentDining Services - Global Village Cantina and Grille
Job Number254201